Why Self-taught Programmers Fail

In this article we have answered frequently asked questions like, Why do most programmers fail? What do most self-taught developers generally lack? What skills do self-taught programmers commonly lack? a self-taught computer programmer is someone who has no experience in programming or any other field of computer science but decides to sit in front of a computer and decides to write a program.

Self-taught computer programmers are people who write programs without taking university courses but do it just by reading books and studying other people’s code.

The road to becoming a self-taught programmer is a daunting one as it does not take days or months, but demands patience and dedication in abundance.

However, to some, becoming a self-taught programmer does not necessarily mean not enrolling at some computer programming college or university or being taught by lecturers, rather it means that you do not have to wait until a lecturer lectures you everything about computer programming before you can actually become one. You may teach yourself by watching videos, reading books on computer programming, having discussions with other people and so on.

Why self-taught programmers fail

Not having a career path from the get-go

Unlike in college where they have a curriculum and program they follow to teach, self-taught programmers have to do everything on their own, and with so much literature and information about programming on the internet, choosing what to start with is not easy and as such, some self-taught programmers fail from the beginning for they do not know which path is ideal to take.


There’s a lot of theory that is learned by pursuing a computer science degree that self-taught programmers would not be privy to. Other programming experts agree that this is the most valuable extract from formal education.

Studying databases, operating systems and various algorithms in college gives you a solid

foundation on which to build your entire career

Lack of patience

Programming is not an easy thing to learn and as such, it requires much of your time and demands patience as well if you are to succeed in it. However, some are not patient enough to learn to program effectively and they opt out whenever they cannot get something right. They feel it is just a waste of time.

Not having a mentor

Not having someone to mentor you is a brooding ground for failure. Some people that start as self-taught programmers do not have anyone in mind that who they would be in interaction when they need some guidance. Yes, there are several books, videos, and articles about programming but once in a while, you need an expert to guide you through, and not having anyone really, makes some self-taught programmers fail.

Not willing to do the work

Some people that start out to be self-taught programmers rely heavily on YouTube tutorials on programming and coding and think by watching alone, they will learn to program. However, programming requires you to do the work by yourself and when people try to do the work on their own and realize it is harder than just watching, they give up.


A lot of aspiring self-taught programmers procrastinate putting what they learn into practice and the longer they procrastinate the more the self-doubt creeps in and eventually they feel they cannot manage coding even after spending so much time learning and as a result, they give up.


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