What is Function Scope in JavaScript?

In this article we have explained and answered mostly asked questions like, Which JavaScript has functional scope? What is the function scope? and What is function scope in node JS? JavaScript is a text-based programming language used by clients and servers that allows you to make web pages interactive. While HTML and CSS are the languages ​​that provide structure and style to web pages, JavaScript provides interactive elements of web pages that engage the user.

Familiar examples of JavaScript you might use on a daily basis include the Amazon search box, a news summary video embedded in the New York Times, or refreshing your Twitter and Facebook feed.

JavaScript is mainly used for web-based applications and web browsers. But JavaScript is also used offline in embedded software, servers, and hardware controls. Here are some basics of using JavaScript.


Add interactive behavior to web pages

JavaScript enables users to interact with web pages and you are not restricted regarding what you can do with JavaScript on websites – these are just a few examples

Show or hide more information with the press of a button

Change the button color when you hover over it

Swipe through the picture carousel on the home screen

Enlarge or reduce the image

Display a timer or countdown website

Play audios and videos on a webpage

Show animation

Use the burger drop-down menu

Development of web and apps

Developers are able to use several JavaScript frameworks for the development of web and mobile applications. JavaScript Frames is a collection of JavaScript code libraries that provide developers with ready-to-use code that they can use for routine programming functions and tasks – literally a framework for building websites or web applications

Common JavaScript front frames are React, React Native, Angular, and Vue. Most companies use Node.js, a JavaScript runtime environment based on the Google Chrome JavaScript V8 engine. Some famous examples are PayPal, LinkedIn and Netflix!

Build web server and develop server application

Apart from websites and applications, developers can also build simple web servers with JavaScript and develop backend infrastructure with Node.js.

Game Development

You can equally use JavaScript to create browser games. This is a great way for beginners to practice their JavaScript skills.

Why Should Javascript Be Preferred to Other Languages?

In addition to the endless possibilities, there are many reasons for web developers to use JavaScript before other programming languages:

JavaScript is the web browser’s only native programming language

JavaScript is the most popular language

There is a low entry threshold

It’s a fun language to learn

Function Scope in Javascript

A function in JavaScript is a block of code that is a collection of instructions to perform a specific task. The function can also be seen as a piece of code that can be used repeatedly throughout the program and also avoids writing the same code again. It also assists the programmer to break up a large program into various smaller functions.

Like other programming languages, JavaScript has two kinds of functions and these are;

Pre-defined Functions

User-defined Functions

To create a function in JavaScript, you need to use the “Function” keyword before writing our function name.

Before a function can be used or called in a program, we have to define its definition between the curly braces. Depending on the needs, we can leave the parameter list empty.

How a function is called

A function is called when there is a need to use it in the program by typing its name as you can see below:

Hello ()


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