Computer Science Programs in Ontario

Studying in Ontario, What universities offer computer science in Ontario, Canada opens up many opportunities for academic and professional development. The province is full of vibrant culture and multicultural communities that help broaden students’ horizons. It is also home to many of the world’s leading universities, which are dominated by publicly funded research-intensive institutions.

Below are some of the top universities in Canada that offer computer science programs.

University of Toronto

The University of Toronto is Canada’s leading public research university and unequivocally the top computer science university. The University of Toronto has been in existence since 1827.

The Department of Computer Science at this university offers students a variety of fields to explore in the field of computer science. Undergraduate students can tailor their introductory courses to the program based on their preferences and abilities. Students gain access to a wide range of resources, including mentoring programs, and innovation laboratories to enhance their learning experience. A bachelor’s in computer science can be completed within four years of full-time study.

Graduate programs include a master’s degree Master of Science in applied computing as well as a Ph.D.

The Master of Applied Computing has four specializations including Data Science, Quantum Computing, and Applied Mathematics. It is aimed at students who wish to gain professional experience in further development and research in the industry.

University of Ottawa

Founded in 1848, the University of Ottawa is one of Canada’s leading computer science universities and the world’s largest Anglo-French bilingual university.

The School of Engineering has several undergraduate programs in computer science, including a bachelor’s degree with honors with the option to specialize in entrepreneurship or data science, and

a combined bachelor’s degree in mathematics. All of these degrees can be completed in four years and can be taught in French and English. An accelerated program is also offered, which includes the completion of bachelor’s and master’s degrees within five years (double major).

Queen’s University

Queen’s University is a public research university and one of Canada’s leading computer science universities, founded in 1841 by the Church of Scotland.

The university offers broad education for computer science students with six specializations including game development, security, and data analysis. Students must complete 120 units, including electives, to earn a bachelor’s degree with honors. The choice is theirs when it comes to choosing courses according to the chosen specialization.

The following are the computer science courses that students in Toronto universities learn:

Programming Fundamentals I – CSC 110

Software Development – SENG 265

Computer Graphics – CSC 305

Artificial Intelligence – CSC 421

Data Mining – SENG 474


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