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Blogging can be confusing sometimes, there just too much to learn if you’re just getting started. When I begun this journey few years ago with my first Blog. Among commonly asked questions,mine was how to do a search engine optimization. Learning Search engine optimization makes it easy to rank your website. Website showing on Google has been every Blog owner for business website’s and bloggers dream. Its a secret to most people teaching how to do a search engine optimization, and do not help people learn because there are afraid you will beat them at ranking high on search results.

But for this article I will show you how I did search engine optimization for my website and managed to rank number 1 on Google. You will learn more about doing local, inbound and outbound to easily rank your new website on Google in less than six months using these 9 simple techniques. Making a website and how to make money blogging, can not be compared to ranking number one on Google.

The learning curve for how to do a search engine optimization can be much difficult than learning how to make money online. But don’t worry because I’m going to show you How To Rank Number One On Google in Zambia, Nigeria and South Africa easily.

This word is searched a thousand times every month by online marketers, experts and new bloggers in the Africa. To get more sales and visitors a website must appear on top of search results, or in the second position. SEO can be done local and international targeting.

Take Note:

Ensure you understand what is SEO before learning to rank number 1 on google in Zambia. Have basic level of knowledge about it. Its not an important prerequisite for ranking on the first page but provides an advantage.

Search Engine Optimization For Beginners (9 Easy Steps)

Reasons for ranking number one on search engines is getting more visitors. Neil Patel an online influence and expert states, “Having More visitors to the website generates sales and leads” according to an article called “A step by step guide to SEO. Brian Dean further said, “Good web Optimization leads to high ranking and making a thousand dollars per month”. Read our previous detailed article on how to make money blogging. Ranking number one gives a website dominance and have more ranking power. Big websites on the internet link mostly to web pages on the top of search engines.

Tips On How To Do SEO In Zambia To Rank Number One On Google

1. Write Long Content

Over the years I have come to learn and from experience of been a blogger for over seven years. Google prefers long, good and valuable content.To rank higher on search engines produce good long content, include YouTube links, texts and images also linking to major websites discussing a similar topic. This shows dominance and knowledge you have on the subject to Google.

Your website content and blog post written must be free from copyright, avoid copying and pasting of images from other websites. This is because Google already knows the website that blog, which uploaded content first and which one is just copying. Google and there team of engineers have been coding and designing Google-bots to deal with malware and copy scrapers on the web. If your website is flagged for stealing and copying content it will not rank and neither will you be able to use for Google Adsense monetization.

To rank number one, Content length must be between 500 to 2000 words minimum. Provides value to readers without punctuation errors and bad grammar. If Google loves your content, you will be ranked on top and get more visitors. Ranking comes from user visitors signals and how much they stay on a web page. If you have poor written and copied content the possibility of ranking on top of Google searches are very minimal.

2. Get Backlinks

Its a number one factor to rank on google. A back link is when another website decides to link back to your content. If a website like links to your article about Zambia, this acts as a form of recommendation from one website to another, it tells Google the website found your content useful. Having a lot of back-links from big websites, can boost your domain authority and page rank. The higher the domain authority, which is the overall strength of the website, the more likely you will rank on Google.

Domain authority (DA), reflects the overall power and strength of a website. This is a more reason a brand new website can never ranker higher than a domain aged 20 years with good Domain authority (DA). Take note Google prohibits any form form selling and buying of links and any sought of web spamming. This involves buying, paying people and websites to to link back to your content with websites links that pass rank juice.

There two types of back links a do-follow and no-follow. No-follow back links do not pass rank juice, therefore if you’re advertising a product on your website make sure to include no-follow on the link. Do-follow are the ones that pass ranking juice to another website or article. Its okay to add do-follow links but just be careful with how you do it because Google might de-index your website if caught practicing these prohibited Link schemes.

How to find back-links

  1. Guest Blogging

You can find back-links and other bloggers to link to your content by simply guest blogging and posting. Requesting them if you can be given be given a chance to cover a certain topic on there website. During this time if given the opportunity, some websites permit to link outside to other websites.

  • 2. Post Outreach

This involves talking to bloggers in the same space with your website. If you write about SEO, search for other website and simply reach out asking them to check out your content. Either through email or phone you can write and dive deep outlining and explaining the benefits of why there readers might be interested in following a link from there website to your article.

  • 3. Round-up Post

A round-up post can be in form of a review and just any post that mentions other websites or a combination of products. An example would be a post like 10 best insurance companies in Zambia. After writing this blog post we sent an email to almost all the available insurance companies and asked them to check it out. Some of the insurance companies we mentioned, ended up sharing the post on Facebook and linking back in there articles.

Necessarily did not ask them to give us back-links, but indirectly we were giving them an opportunity to either choose to share this article about insurance, follow or link back to our website.

3. Improve Page Speed

Improving the page speed on your pages and load time of your website is another important factor. Your website visitors that come to your website expect speed. Otherwise people are likely to leave if a website takes longer to load the content. Therefore Google, urges all websites to provide best performance on the web in order to rank and page speed is regarded an important factor to rank.

Analyze the page load speed of your website to know how long it takes to load. Ensure the website includes a mobile version a as well, this can be easily done in WordPress by installing an AMP plugin to make pages and posts have a mobile friendly version. Available tools online you can use, include GTmetrix and Pingdom tool to check the speed. After testing our website for for a speed test we got the following results below having performance Grade A. This shows the website is fast and properly optimized for speed and mobile user friendly.

4. Keyword Optimization

Keywords targeted play a huge ranking factor to any website. Some keywords are easy to rank for than compared to others. For instance “Car insurance” is more difficult to rank for than”Expensive cars in Zambia”. The higher the difficulty score the more harder it gets to rank and compete for that “keyword”. “Keyword” refers to what people search on the web to come across your articles. “Keyword difficult score” refers to how easy and hard it is to rank for a certain keyword. With Ubersuggest, you can evaluate and create keywords that rank easily and analye those with difficult score.

SEO Difficult Estimates To Rank First on Google

You can use the table below to analyze rankings of your website and keywords to target. The higher the score the more popular and competitive the word you want to rank for.

Domain Overview:

The image above shows website data and an overview for a popular news website From the information above, you can tell the website has the ability to rank for strong competitive keywords with a difficult score of above 45 – 100. You can see on this image,that this website has a very high Domain authority of 90 close to 100 making it a trusted website on major search engines.

0 – 25 = Easy keyword score to rank

25 – 40 = Medium keyword score to rank

45 – 55 = Difficult keyword score to rank

60 – 100 = Very Difficult keyword score to rank

Choose a keyword with a lower difficult score, avoid keyword stuffing. Stuffing of keywords sends a bad message to Google and other search engines. “Keyword stuffing” is putting a number of words than normal you want to rank your website for with the intent to manipulate search engines. Its considered a spam ranking technique used to rank by loading more keywords to get a rank advantage.

5. Avoid Keywords With High SEO Difficulty Score

The higher a difficult score the more competitive to rank. Example below shows the keyword difficulty score is above 50 and shows 73 for a keyword “Car insurance”, which has a search volume of 368,000 per moth. Meaning if you were to rank for a keyword “Car insurance”, your website would be getting many visitors per day at a least a minimum of 50 thousand page views per day.

Keyword OptimizationKeyword Optimization

The biggest mistake most bloggers make is targeting big competitive keywords hoping to get more visitors. Well its very possible but surely takes time and you need lots of back-links and high Domain authority to rank for any keyword having a keyword difficulty over 50 on google.

6. Use Keywords With Low SEO Difficulty Score

To Rank number one on Google in Zambia, go for low competitive keywords at least with Search Engine Optimization difficulty score below 25 if you’re just starting out. Once you gain more authority on your website, you can begin to go for big keywords with difficult score. The example below shows the keyword we decided to target was “Cars in Zambia”, which is easy to rank for in Zambia than”Car insurance”.

Keyword OptimizationKeyword Optimization

Search Engine Optimization difficulty score is 16 which is below 50 and gives a great opportunity to rank. With more than one thousand words in the article properly optimized with quality images and outbound links.The keyword will get a much higher ranking in Zambia than car insurance.

7. Use YOAST SEO Premium Plugin

YOAST plugin has a paid premium version and free version. Use YOAST Premium version if you’re to get a much higher ranking than your competition. The plugin allows optimization of more than one keywords. The plugin will help to rank number one on Google in Zambia. Website owners can set key phrases and synonyms, including related keywords with a similar meaning to the topic. The problem is that YOAST Search Engine Optimization plugin is very expensive for a premium version. Billed annually which You’d have to pay $89 dollars.

8. Use Social Media

To Rank number one on Google in Zambia I have been using Social platforms Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube send out signals to Google. Having influence on social media with a thousand of followers clicking on your content, sharing and commenting shows value of content. 90% of pages on number one have major social shares, user engagements and more back-links. To rank have a social media profile and connect it to your website. Share posts and engage with users for Google-bots to pick that article and give it a number one spot on search results.

9. Practice Best Content Linking Strategies

Content linking techniques must provide value to a reader on the page. If you have an article about Banking send readers to similar content. If the article appears on the same website search engines grant websites a good ranking with content discussing a related topic. Don’t link to content not making sense to reader. For instance, making a website is close related to making money online and ranking on the first page. These three niche topics are about blogging so its more advisable linking our beginners guide to “making a website in Zambia” with this article about blogging. There two types of links Outbound links and Inbound links. Outbound links go out of your website or article to another website, while Inbound links are local links than run withing your website connecting articles and pages together.

Summery: Important Tips To Rank Number 1 On Google

Ranking number one and dominating the search results should not be your main focus. Instead provide good content that your readers will share to Rank your website on Google in Zambia and Africa. Generate an influential social following for more social signals. Content must be between 500 to 2500 words long to get good Google rankings. To rank more, Optimize articles with videos related to the topic. Add inbound links in content and out bound links to major websites with similar articles. Avoid “keyword stuffing”, get more back-links, use the YOAST Search Engine Optimization plugin for keyword optimization and choose keywords with low difficult score.

I hope this article has helped you learn how you can rank your website on Google in Zambia on the first page. If you have enjoyed reading this article, kindly hit the share button. Email us for further questions about (Search Engine Optimization) and don’t miss best recommended topics below.


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