What Is A Touchpad?
What Is A Touchpad?
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TouchPad vs TrackPoint

TouchPads and TrackPoint cursors are similar there is no one winner between . These important interfaces entirely provide a different user interfaces, and with long term practice and experience, a user can easily master both to seamlessly interact with their laptop. TrackPoint limits all inputs to a single button, while others prefer to use finger swipes and gestures. Ultimately, the side that you come down on in the TrackPad vs TrackPoint debate will depend on personal preference.

What is a TrackPad?

A TrackPad (or touchpad) as many call it is an important external interface that holds a key importance to a laptop. It provides the end user with a touch-sensitive, its an interface surface that allows you to manipulate and interact with your laptop freely or computer through finger gestures and swiping on top smoothly. Out of the box laptops do not include a mice, but it can be added externally to improve user experience. Read: how to connect an external mouse to a laptop

The TrackPad provides an easy simple alternative way to move the cursor around the screen, select and open applications or programs, highlight text, interact with web browsers, and more.

TrackPad has default settings that many people find useful right out of the box, it can also be tailored around your specific needs under Settings. You can create shortcuts and modify the accepted gestures so that they are more natural to you. Most advanced Laptops includes multi-touch TrackPads, ergonomic keyboards, and the TrackPoint.

How to use TrackPads

  • The TrackPad is a flat surface area found at the bottom of the keyboard. Immediately below the trackpad, you may find one or two buttons, similar to those found on a mouse. However, not all TrackPads include buttons. Check in this article were we have covered the important basics on how to use the TrackPad –

What is TrackPoint?

A TrackPoint provides users an additional means of interacting with their laptop. The TrackPoint is a small cursor control device located in the center of the keyboard. It is red and textured, and roughly resembles a pencil eraser in appearance. Users can interact with the screen by applying pressure on the TrackPoint.

How To Use A TrackPoint

  • TrackPoint – To use the TrackPoint, you once again have options. You can use it to move the cursor around the screen, or to scroll through a document or web page. Simply apply pressure in the direction you want the cursor to move. If you have a document open, such as a PDF, simply hold down on the TrackPoint to activate the scroll function. You can even use it to zoom in on the screen by pressing and holding down on the TrackPoint center button. The advantage of the TrackPoint is its ease of use; you can navigate through a document or manipulate your screen without ever moving your hands.

These interfaces offer unique benefits. Their different approaches lead many people to form loyalties to one over the other.

To move the cursor around, you can simply apply pressure in the direction you wish the cursor to go; if you apply more pressure, the cursor will move with greater speed. Like the TrackPad, the TrackPoint also includes shortcuts for ease of use. For example, it can be used to scroll up or down, rather than as a cursor. The benefit of the TrackPoint is that it limits all movement to a single finger, making it incredibly simple to use. The TrackPad offers different ways to interact with your laptop. On some Laptops, both a TrackPoint and TrackPoint are included.

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