Skills That Self-taught Programmers Lack

What do most self-taught developers generally lack? computer programming is the process of writing instructions for the computer to carry out. Instructions, also called code, are written in a programming language that the computer can understand and use to execute tasks or offer solutions to problems.

Basic computer programming is all about analyzing a problem and developing a logical set of instructions for it to be solved. There are many paths to a solution, and a computer programmer goes to great lengths to design and code what is most effective.

There are many paths to a solution, and a computer programmer goes to great lengths to design and code what is most effective.

The programmer’s responsibilities include understanding the requirements, determining the right programming language to use, designing or designing a solution, coding, testing, debugging, and writing documentation that is easier enough for the understanding of other programmers.

Computer programming is at the center of computer science for it is undoubtedly the implementation part of software development, development of the application, as well as the force surrounding software engineering, where ideas and theories are turned into real, workable solutions.

Skills That Self-Taught Programmers Lack


There’s a lot of theory that is learned by pursuing a computer science degree that self-taught programmers would not be privy to. Other programming experts agree that this is the most valuable extract from formal education.

Studying databases, operating systems, and various algorithms in college gives you a solid foundation on which to build your entire career.


Self-taught programmers do have experience working with others as they may have been to college where sometimes assignments are given in groups and as such, it is alien for them to work with others hence they do not work well with other colleagues.

Proven Diligence

The degree on your resume is proof enough that you have worked hard over several years to achieve something invaluable. It represents your dignity and commitment to advancing yourself as a technology professional.

Basic Knowledge

Most self-taught programmers lack the basic knowledge of programming which is covered in school. Computer science is so vast that one lifetime is not enough to learn everything about it hence, not knowing the basics of it, is a great deal of skill to lack.

Design Patterns

This is brought about education as well as experience. There are several ways to structure your code that can either be done at the right time or the wrong one and sometimes self-taught programmers are not privy to such knowledge and as a result, they end up making more damaging mistakes compared to those that have been to college or university and have learned from teachers that have probably make more mistakes earlier and have learned which patterns to use do that their students do not repeat them.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence popularly referred to as AI is the simulation of human intelligence in machines designed to think like humans. The term is also applicable to any machine that exhibits traits related to the human mind, such as problem-solving. Since AI skills are mostly taught in school, self-taught programmers often lack this skill.


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