Computer Science Requirements in South Africa

Quality computer education prepares students to use computational thinking and creativity to understand and change the world. What are the subjects requirements for computer science, Computers have deep links to mathematics, science and design, and technology, and provide insight into natural and man-made systems.

The heart of computer science teaches students the principles of information and computing, how digital systems work, and how to use this knowledge through programming. Based on this knowledge and understanding, students can use information technology to create programs, systems, and content sets.

Computing further enables students to become more digitally competent and efficient- able to use, express, and develop their ideas using information and communication technologies – at the level required for the workplace of the future and as active participants in the appropriate digital world.


Computer science is a very attractive profession for those interested in technology and computers, but it is also a qualification that demands strong math skills and a willingness to work extra hard.

Requirements in South Africa

Computer science admission requirements vary, however, requirements at most of South Africa’s leading universities include at least 60% for mathematics and 60% for science subjects in mathematics.

Most degrees also require a basic language level, which is at least 50% for the mother tongue or first additional language.

The following are some top South African Universities with their respective computer science requirements

University of Pretoria

APS – at least 30 and above

Either English or Afrikaans – 60% or above

Mathematics – not less than 60%

Life Orientation – at least 50% and above

University of the Free State

APS – 30 or higher

Language of instruction – not less than 50%

Mathematics – 50% or over

Physical Sciences – at least 50%

Rhodes University

Automatic acceptance – 45 points and above

Dean selection – 38-44 points.

Compulsory subjects – Physics or Life Sciences and Mathematics

University of the Western Cape

APS – at least 33

English – 50% pass mark or higher

Secondary language – at least 40% pass mark or better

Mathematics – not less than 60% pass mark

Physical Science/Life Science/Information Technology – at least 50% pass mark

University of Cape Town (UCT)

Guaranteed and sure admission – APS of not less than 660

Very likely admission – APS 620 APS or higher

Possible admission – APS of 550 or better

Mathematics – 70% or higher

Physical Science or Information Technology – 60% or better

University of Witwatersrand

APS – not less than 40% however, those with 38% and 39% may be put on a waiting list

English Language – 60% or higher

Mathematics – not less than 70%

Stellenbosch University

65% aggregate

Mathematics – not less than 70%

Either Afrikaans or English – 50% or higher

Note: APS is arrived at by adding together the 6 best results except for Life Orientation and doubling the results for math and Physical Science or Information Technology if a candidate does not take Physical Science.


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