The Qualities of a Good Programmer

In this article we have explained and answered frequently asked questions like, What kind of person is good at programming? What are 5 things a computer programmer does? What are the signs of a good programmer? and What makes an excellent programmer? regardless of what you do, you must have a positive attitude towards your goals. There is no way a person can go far in programming without a positive attitude.

A good programmer is interested in how his software can help people and assist their companies to grow. However, a programmer with a bad attitude cares less about other people and the company he or she works for. A programmer with a good attitude succeeds in their job.

Excellent Communication Skills

A good programmer has excellent communication skills which enable them to communicate with colleagues within and outside of their workplaces to enhance their performance and subsequently assist in saving time for other programmers too.

Team Player

Good programmers work well with other developers for organizational purposes. It is important to work in a team, especially when you are working in a big company. The ability to collaborate with other programmers makes them stand out and become better.


When developing a product, programmers may more often than not, face many unforeseen problems. Thus, a good programmer can write real code that solves real-world problems.


A good programmer is willing to learn new things as the world is ever-evolving and new technologies are advancing every day which come with problems that need solutions from programmers. A programmer, therefore, should be willing to learn new things to cope.


A good programmer is passionate about his or her work. Passion is a key ingredient in the success of programming. Computer programming is not an easy job, therefore, if you are to succeed in it, you need to have the internal motivation and have passion for it, that way, no one pushes you to the limit for you to succeed, but rather pushes yourself. Becoming a great programmer without passion, therefore, is not possible.

Writing Clean Code

Good programmers are those that write code that can be scaled, read, maintained, and understood. Even though they can sometimes speed up their work with bad code, they will take the time to revise the code to make sure that it is clean enough.

Good Time Management

Programmers have a lot on their plate with limited time to do it all, therefore, a good programmer needs to have good time management skills and should prioritize what ought to be tackled first before the others in the time allocated.

Keyboard Shortcuts

A good programmer knows and uses many keyboard shortcuts that help them achieve better performance.

Debugging Skills

It is important to have good debugging skills. A good programmer can handle errors, and quickly spot errors, bugs, and problematic things.

Use of Productivity Tools

Good programmers usually utilize productivity tools to speed up the development process. Further, use a good code editor that supports multiple features and sets up lines for your workflow.


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