University of South Africa (Unisa) Requirements for Computer Science Program

What are the requirements to study computer science in South Africa? computer science is all about understanding how and why technology works, examining whether and how technology can solve real-world problems, examining processes, creating solutions, and getting acquainted with computer systems, programming, data, networks, and their impact on society and individuals. Studying computer science entails learning how to create new technologies, not just learning how to use them.

Computer science draws on some of its foundations from mathematics and engineering, and as such includes engineering from fields such as probability, statistics, and electronic circuit design.

Computer scientists make use of technology in order to solve problems and prepare for the future. They equally write and program software to build applications. Their main focus, however, is validating and developing models for human-computer interaction or software and devices.

Computer scientists carry out theoretical research in various fields. Their interests also lie in database theory and software engineering, numerical analysis, computational complexity theory, computer graphics, and programming languages among other things of a similar nature.

A computer scientist explores conceptual ideas, conducts experiments, and applies his or her knowledge to create new computer systems. They can work for research institutes, universities or private companies. Their responsibilities vary by specialization, but typical responsibilities include:

Creation or revision of computer algorithms

Write a new programming language or code

Evaluation of a new computer system or device

Designing a model or theory to solve a computer problem

Conduct research experiments to test new theories

Improve a computer system or program by designing new software

Upgrade computer systems and hardware to increase efficiency and speed

Presenting theory and research results to the scientific community in articles or presentations

Train other professionals in the field and train young scientists

Cooperation with computer scientists and software developers to develop new technologies

Computer Science Job Opportunities

Computer scientists are highly in demand in the field of technology. The computer science environment is usually cooperative in nature and fast-paced. Consequently, to become a computer scientist, you have to be creative and be able to work a lot quicker.

Companies looking to hire computer scientists are looking for employees with outstanding planning and exceptional programming skills. They require an individual who can help initiate ideas and complete projects.

Developing software, implementing, testing, and fixing errors are also part of a computer scientist’s job description.

Requirements For Computer Science at the University of South Africa

A National Senior Certificate (NSC) (Degree endorsement) or equivalent

At least 50% in the language of teaching and learning,

50% in Mathematics or Technical Mathematics and

50% in Physical Science or Technical Science

N4 Engineering Science cleared with not less than a 50% pass mark


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