Disadvantages of a Repeater in Computer Network

In this article we have explained and answered frequently asked questions like, What are the disadvantages of repeaters? What are the 3 disadvantages of computer network? and Disadvantages of computer networks? Etc. the questions are perfectly answered in the article, a repeater is a network hardware device that operates on the physical layer of the OSI model and helps amplify or modify signals before sending them back.

Repeaters have the ability to extend a data signal from one network segment and then send it to another network segment, scaling the network size. The repeater enables long-distance data transmission and can ensure data security and quality, as well as data transmission with secure signal preservation.

The reason why most people use a repeater is that it is easy to connect. A repeater amplifies the signals by guiding them to different places. Repeaters cannot provide isolation to generate traffic signals from one location to another. The main purpose of implementation is to amplify signals in the most vulnerable places.

An Example of How a Repeater Works

Assuming that one person communicates with another person using a one-to-one communication gadget like a walkie-talkie. Data can be transferred successfully if there is a clear path between the distances. Data cannot be fully provided if there is a mountain or a hill between them.

To prevent this situation, an antenna is placed between the two devices. This device sends data back to the receiver and routes signals to weak areas, this is referred to as the main function of the repeater.

The data transmitted from the transmitter to the receiver is called the uplink, while the receptor, which transmits the same data in the downlink direction and is sent to the receiver, is called the downlink. But these repeaters can also be used where there are no mountains or hills on the road.

Disadvantages of Repeater in Computer Network

Repeater Limitation

You will have a limit on the number of repeaters used on a particular network. If you try to connect multiple iterations on the network, it will generate wire noise and increase the probability of packet


Minor Segmentation

The repeater does not have the ability to segment the network. For example: if you use two different types of cables, each has different properties. Therefore, it is not able to generate separate traffic from one cable to another.

Collision Domain

When all information is transferred to different domains, the repeaters cannot separate the connected network device. Additionally, the repeater is incapable of detecting whether or not it is an accompanying unit in the same collision domain.

Bandwidth Usage

A wireless repeater is able to transmit signals in two directions between the router and the computer. Once a computer is connected to a wireless repeater, the bandwidth is effectively halved.

Network Architecture

The repeater does not have the ability to interconnect networks with different network architectures. Therefore, you can use a gateway or router to achieve this goal.

Network Traffic

As a result of a repeater not being able to share network traffic, it can reduce congestion and network traffic.

It cannot make a distinction between sound and actual signal.

The whole network can come to a halt if just one is damaged or faulty

The cable has a data transfer limit and has a lower speed than other topologies.


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