The use of repeaters in communication 

The Use of Repeaters in Communication? In telecommunications, a repeater is an electronic device that receives a signal and retransmits it. Repeaters are used to extend transmissions so that the signal can cover longer distances or be received on the other side of an obstruction. Using a wireless network to provide Internet service gives you convenience and speed while your wireless router transmits a strong signal. However, a weaker signal can cause unreliable network performance and lead to a frustrating user experience. One way to fix a router’s weak signal and improve network performance is to use small devices called repeaters.

A repeater is a device that increases signal strength so it can cover a longer and wider distance without losing signal quality. These devices are often used in networks to helplines that run between network devices to achieve other goals.

A Wi-Fi repeater receives a signal from a Wi-Fi router, amplifies it, and passes signal strength to increase the range and coverage of the Wi-Fi network. For example, imagine an office upstairs only receives a weak signal from a downlink router. Buildings may have steel infrastructure, mobile phones, and other forms of interference. One option is to move the router to a different floor to see if the entire building can access the signal, but this is not always convenient.

A repeater functions differently from the way a router or modem does, it cannot be a stand-alone wireless access point and as a result, it relies on receiving wireless signals from another access point that it can send (repeat).

How Does a Wi-Fi Repeater Work?

A Wi-Fi repeater just like a typical router we are used to, the one most people have at home or in the office, consists of two wireless routers. One of these wireless routers takes over the existing Wi-Fi network and immediately transmits the signal to another wireless router, which sends an amplified signal.

Installation of Wi-Fi Repeater

A Wi-Fi repeater is not that difficult to install – The only thing you need to do is strategically place the repeater somewhere possible for it to receive your current Wi-Fi network, and then connect it to a power supply and switch it on. Thereafter, log in to the Wi-Fi repeater using your computer and enter the login credentials of your current Wi-Fi network, connect and extend the Wi-Fi repeater.

The Use of Repeaters in Communication

The repeater simply creates a device to establish a network connection.

The main and initial function of a repeater is to receive signals for wired LAN terminal devices and after it has received, regenerates and retransmit all signals in their respective original form to other parts of the cable.

The repeater ensures that the amplified signals are not skipped or attenuated before they reach the

target point.

Normally, the repeater is able to change the signal strength, but this is done before transmission.

A repeater runs at the OSI physical layer and is transparent to all protocols working layer by layer at the physical layer.

With the help of repeaters, the network can be scaled to the limits of the size of the physical cable components.

The number of repeaters to be used is often essentially limited by the particular LAN implementation. Using a single repeater between two or more cables for a LAN component demands that the same physical layer protocol be used for transmitting signals to all cable components.


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