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Thousands of bloggers around the world invest their time to teach us everything from recipes to parenting tips. They recommend budget hotels, teach us how to make money on your website with marketing, and how to cook. But have you asked yourself how to Start blogging to earn money online?

How do bloggers receive their money?

Yes, they don’t do it just for passion. It’s true that the most successful bloggers love their work, but it’s also a profitable way of life. Here are the 4 commandments that all bloggers use to make money and ways to start blogging to earn money online.

Make Money Blogging rule one: Google AdSense

Has it ever happened that you enter a website to read something and the advertising seems to be personalized for you? You’re not getting paranoid, blogs use so-called “cookies” to learn about your interests when you’re trying to start blogging to earn money online.

Start Blogging to Earn Money Online
Start Blogging to Earn Money Online

Every time you click on an advertisement within a blog, whether you buy or not, the blogger earns money.

Each blogger decides how much advertising or “banners” to add to their articles.

Depending on the sector to which the blog belongs and the advertisements it displays, each click can be worth more or less money.

The process is simple. First, you register the blog in AdSense and then you insert codes in the places where you want the ads to be shown.

Google does the rest of the work. Depending on the niche of the blog and the people that enter, different ads will be shown.

The blogger makes google money and in turn, Google makes the blog money.

This strategy starts to be profitable as long as they have good metrics. It does not depend so much on having a loyal community or a lot of influence, but to have a large amount of daily traffic on the site.

Make Money Blogging, rule two: Amazon Affiliates

Let’s do a practical example for this case: Let’s imagine we are about to have a baby, and we followed on Instagram a maternity blogger.

She has a “Wish List” on her website, with products that she recommends to buy on amazon if you are going to be a mom or dad for the first time.

Among those products is an expensive but effective automatic rocking chair for babies.

According to the blogger, who is already on her fourth child, the automatic rocking chair is perfect for making a newborn stop crying.

So, time goes by, your baby is born, and surprise surprise… As expected, there are times when he or she won’t stop crying.

Desperate you go to the blogger’s Instagram, look for the link to her list of favorite products on amazon, find the rocking chair and buy it Voila! you just gave away 10% of the value of the product to the Blogger.

How does it work?

Amazon has a program called “Amazon Affiliates“, where you can register your blog.

If you are an amazon affiliate you can get special links to any product. When a person comes to Amazon by clicking on one of your links you can get up to 10% of everything they buy, not bad right?

Amazon is not the only one with this service, many technology, clothing, and sports brands offer affiliate programs.

Almost all affiliate services such as VPN, online courses, or monthly payment programs offer bloggers monetary incentives for customers.

Have you already felt like becoming a blogger? Wait until you hear about the following strategy.    

Make Money Blogging rule three, Advertising:

Classic and reliable, one of the safest ways bloggers use to earn money, making sponsored posts.

Once they have enough traffic they just need to get sponsors who pay to review their product, recommend it or compare it with another one.

Imagine you have a technology blog with so much traffic and prestige that when you google “Gaming Monitors”, an article of yours appears in the first place. How much do you think a client would pay to be sponsored there?

We often see comparisons between products in blogs, and they are not casual, most of them are paid by a brand to benefit one product more than another.

Many times list style articles like “The best steering wheels for PS5” or “The best products to moisturize your hands” are sponsored by other smaller sites looking to generate traffic to grow.

Or they are very well paid by large companies to be at the top.

It is common for brands to offer bloggers products or services for them to try and then they can recommend them.

Make money Blogging, rule four: Branding

Once they have a strong community following their posts, bloggers start selling their own content of various types.

These can be digital products or services, or physical products and services.

Imagination is the limit, but these three categories encompass very well everything you can do when you have a powerful personal brand.

Digital products:

Like Ebooks, courses, or guides. Any resource that helps you make money and you only have to do it once to sell it many times.

For bloggers in the cooking niche, it is very easy to offer Ebooks with recipe packages for example.

 In this area there is a lot to cut, info products are one of the fastest-growing businesses worldwide. Everyone wants to sell you a photography course, a travel guide, or a book in digital format.

The reason? Because it is digital merchandise it becomes extremely profitable, the costs are paid only once to create the original, but you sell it many times.

Offering services:

Such as consulting, meetings, coaching, personalized classes, or any service that has to do with the niche and is in line with the community.

A very clear example would be a blog dedicated to emotional intelligence in which private therapeutic consultations are offered.

The advantage of this strategy is that you don’t have to have thousands of followers or gigantic traffic. It rather depends on the influence you have on your community.

Physical products, branding:

When a brand has a certain amount of loyal followers, it is a sure hit to open the “store” section. Another way to start blogging to earn money online is by selling shirts, hats, shoes, souvenirs, key chains, mugs, and posters. These will never go out of style. 

 Anything you can brand with your logo becomes a potential product to make money blogging.


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