Shortcut key for Save As in MS Word 2010

One of the Microsoft programs, most used today is Microsoft Office Word, and what makes this program so necessary and useful for everyone? This gives Word the popularity that it obtained from the moment of its appearance in Microsoft’s Windows operating system and Shortcut key for Save As in MS Word 2010. These are the capabilities and functions that it possesses and provides to all users who use it, and what are these functions that Word provides and allows us to use?

Well, Word has a great variety of functions. Listing them all could be something really complicated and extensive. So let’s focus on the most important, used, and necessary functions for users.

One of the most fundamental and useful capabilities that Word has is to allow us to write or draft any kind of document, both textual and numeric, this is the main function that Word has and obviously the most used, this one, in particular, is very useful and appreciated by the people who work in an office environment or a similar work area that requires the creation, editing and viewing of various documents, another type of user who greatly appreciates the existence of Word are students of any modality since in the current era almost any task that needs to be done for your studies requires the use of the Word program.

In addition to its main function, which is the writing of textual documents, Word allows us to use a wide variety of options that we can use to edit and personalize our documents, giving them our personal style. Among these options we have some such as the one that allows us to insert into our document things such as images that we have on our computer or even clipart with which the Word program already has by default, we can also add things such as a table that is very useful for things like taking inventories or simply to divide the things that we want to have in a certain order.

Word also has functions that allow us to make our documents more attractive and eye-catching since we can add color, different types of letters, and various styles that are particularly useful for people who like to make their work stand out more than that of their colleagues.

Finally, another of the useful and practical functions of Word, especially for people who like to save a little extra effort or some extra time, Microsoft Office Word has a series of commands that we could call ‘hidden’ in plain sight. Why did that end? It is because most users do not know many of these commands that allow us to activate many of the options that we would need to activate with the mouse through some extra steps in one go with only a quick combination of keys. In addition, we can also find various functions that we could not execute even with the mouse since we could only do it through our keyboard with a specific combination of shortcut key for Save As.

Shortcut or key combination for ‘Save As’ in MS Word 2010

Shortcut key for Save As in MS Word 2010

There is more than one combination of keys in the Microsoft Office Word 2010 program that allow us to perform a certain function in our document. In fact, there are many of them that not only make the Word program simpler and faster to use but also save us extra time and effort. Since many of these functions, although they could also be activated using the mouse instead of the keyboard, that way some would require 2 or 3 extra steps before being able to use, and with the combination of keys or keyboard shortcuts we could use them instantly with the press of a couple of keys at the same time.

One of the most used key combinations and one of the most useful that we can learn is the key combination or shortcut of the Word ‘Save As’ key, this is an essential key combination that all Word users should learn and memorize since we will always need to save the document that we are making, and if for some reason our mouse does not work or we simply want to access this option faster and simpler, it is essential to learn this combination.

The combination of keys that we will need to press to be able to activate this Word function is: (Ctrl + G) or you can also try with the simple key (F12) that is at the top of the keyboard, these two technological options should work perfectly in the Word 2010 program that they have installed or even in versions earlier or later than this.

As you can see, the functions of Word are more than most users believe, so it is always good to constantly inform us of these methods that are being added to our most used program since it will allow us to improve and speed up our writing, and that to, in turn, it will allow us to improve our work, if you work in an area that needs to use Word very frequently, since once you learn all the commands that you can use at the same time only through your keyboard I assure you that you will no longer even need to use the keyboard as much of your typing time.

Well, with that we conclude this article that I hope all users of Word 2010 and those of any other version of it have been able to take advantage of it, do not forget to try and use it in their own Microsoft Office Word whenever they can so that they will soon get used to using it and so don’t waste time using your computer mouse.

Note: Remember that although these key combinations may also work in other versions of Word, than the one mentioned in this article, it is also possible that it will not, so in that case you just have to find the appropriate key combination for your version.

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