How to Create FAT32 bootable USB Windows 10

How to create a Windows 10 bootable USB, is a topic that is something fascinating for many of us, since being able to create a Windows 10 bootable USB would make things...

How to get Wi-Fi password of neighbor’s using laptop

Having access to the internet through Wi-Fi has become one of the most necessary and useful things in our day to day, since basically most of the things we do every day...

How to enter BIOS Windows 10 without UEFI

At present, it is almost impossible not to use or need a computer. The reason for this is that our world is becoming increasingly digitized. A large part of what we do...

How to enter BIOS Windows 10 Lenovo

The first thing we should know before starting with the main topic is what is BIOS? What does it do? And why do we need it? Here's How to enter BIOS Windows...

Cisco Privilege Levels List

Currently, one of the most avant-garde companies in the area of ​​sale, maintenance, and consulting of telecommunications equipment, is the multinational company `Cisco Systems´ which, for those who do not know it,...

MS Word commands list (Shortcut keys of MS Word 2010)

Since the launch of the Windows operating system, Microsoft has Word commands list made available to us various tools to make our day-to-day even easier, either at home or at work. Among...


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