My Public Ip Address Keeps Changing

In this article we have explained and answered frequently asked questions like, How do I stop my public IP from changing? Why is my public IP address changing? How often does your public IP address change? an Internet Protocol (IP) address is a string of numerals that spots any device on a network.

Computers use IP addresses to communicate with each other over the Internet and other networks.

Internet protocol is a set of rules designed for the purpose of communication over the internet such as sending emails to other people, streaming audio or videos, or connecting to websites.

IP addresses are similar to phone numbers and serve the same purpose. When you contact someone via phone call, your phone number identifies you and gives assurance to the person answering the call on the other side. IP addresses do exactly the same thing when you are online and that is the reason why each and every device connected to the internet has an IP address.

How IP Addresses Work

The Postal Service uses one’s physical address as a marker of that person’s actual location, residence, or business. This is how letters are directed. This is where he or she lives and that is how other people are others know where to find them.

All of these above descriptions are linked to the IP address, but digitally. The IP address is the location where the computer is, virtually. An IP address is able to identify your own computer, your favorite website, or even a device like a webcam.

IP addresses are very important for the transfer of information, be it sending or receiving information. They direct internet traffic where it belongs and direct email to your inbox.

It is important to note that: every device that is active on the internet has an IP address.

Why IP Addresses Keep Changing

When you sign up with an Internet Provider (IP), there are usually two types of subscriptions, that is, one for home and the other, for business. For home use, you do not necessarily need a static IP, so your modem will be assigned a dynamic IP license which depending on availability, can change from time to time.

When you purchase a business subscription, you usually get a static license that gives you the right to use one IP address for the duration of your subscription. It lets you create a website with a custom URL that maps you to your IP.

It is normal for IP addresses to keep changing as they are assigned as needed and only for a relatively short time, meaning they change a lot. The idea is that the IP address can be used

elsewhere when the device no longer needs it.

The external IP address is assigned by the internet service provider (ISP) every time the router connects, such as after switching it on or after reset and sometimes changes within 24 hours if the router is kept on.

There are two types of IP addresses – dynamic IP (changes) and static IP (does not change). Therefore, internet access at home has a dynamic IP that changes every now and then. If you need a static one, you have to pay for another service at an extra cost.


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