Keywords Everywhere alternative (Top 10)

Keywords are words that optimize Internet searches through the most common phrases and most used by people to locate their results on the web. Keywords everywhere Chrome extension alternative to help you find good related keywords to rank for on Google on your Blog. This technique is used for SEO searches as a process to achieve the best positioning when creating content in searches, so knowing the right words for each topic is a necessary technique to create content.

So for your next publications you should know the best keywords everywhere alternative search engines to guarantee a better result.

Importance of Keywords

The use of Keywords is the first step of an SEO campaign, where the study to form a good sales strategy is the best way to grow in today’s digital market.

In order to get a good content right, you must know what your audience is looking for on the Internet, so Keywords search applications allow you to know the top searches of users from all over the world.

Find the topic you want to develop, search for the most used keywords everywhere alternative for your content and guarantee a higher audience traffic.

Keywords Everywhere alternative

Get to know some Keywords everywhere alternative free that are available on the internet to start using better words to increase the search results for your projects.

Google Keyword Planner

The first free option is the Google Keyword Planner, one of the best options on the Internet for its faithful results to the most important search engine in the world and its ease to find results.

All you have to do is enter Google Ads, click on the tool provided by the application and add the new keyword you want to find in the search engine.

Pros: This search engine offers a high volume of results and searches opportunities, with the ability to segment the world results in different areas to optimize the results you want to know.

Google Trends

Google Trends, is one of the best applications for keyword research that can help you position your work based on SEO within Google results.

An advantage of its use is that makes it even easier to optimize your publications on the Internet.

Pros: You will be able to compare different search results, show results of interest, and be able to review Google’s real-time search graphs.


WordStream is a leading online keyword service that offers services and is used by thousands of companies, businesses, and users around the world for its effectiveness in obtaining results on the web.

Its system is similar to Google AdWords Keyword Planner, achieving all the needs of a keyword search in a matter of seconds.

Pros: constant database updates, direct links, and specific words according to the search area.

LSI Graph

Another important tool for keyboard search is LSI Graph, with a system to find keywords to include in your content in an accurate way.

You can find important indexes according to the words you want to find divided into Trend, CPC, Volume, or Competition.

Pros: It has a variety of search options with keyword synonyms, 20 keywords with the inclusion of email, and is free to use.

Keyword Sheeter

Keyword Sheeter is another alternative tool for Internet results in a simple and free way to make the most of their results for all types of users.

In its interface, it offers a lot of options derived from the assigned keyword to make the best decision to be applied to your content.

Pros: “positive” and “negative” filter options, simple platform management, a large list of words, and loading speed.


A good tool with great possibilities for content SEO campaigns with the search of keywords and user searches in the world, with extensive content from the most important markets.

Its system offers a long list of results and variations to the search word related to the topic or area you want to position on the Internet.

Pros: Offers results for other external applications such as YouTube, images or news, language filters, locations, and specific searches.


One of the best keyword everywhere tools on the market for its large number of alternatives and free options to consult variants for the positioning of digital content.

As a Chrome extension, SEOStack fulfills the optimization of better results for SEO strategies and finding the best results in search engines.

Pros: quick response for keyword lists, easy access and use, multiple results, filters by country and language, connection with other platforms such as Google, YouTube, 


Soovle is a tool for obtaining keyword suggestions to applications like Google, YouTube, Bing, Yahoo, Wikipedia, or Amazon. Its operation reveals a list of options with words related to the topic you are looking for in your content.

Pros: Easy to use platform, variety of words, page of search variants of interest, explanatory demo.

Keyword Surfer

Surfer is a keyword search engine everywhere with a large volume of results in an extensive list of possibilities that arise from the content of your project to increase the chances of positioning and the Internet.

Your words are compared geographically and according to the data traffic generated by each one of them.

Pros: a competitive tool with similar options, easy platform, great variety of results.

Keyword Nowhere

Finally, a keyword platform similar to the Surf system, with a variety of results and complete lists for creating, searching, and complementing content.

It gathers words from the best search engines according to positioning, volume, and audience traffic in the most important links according to updated results.

Pros: Offers similar keywords, CPC, the volume of users, and top searches.

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