How to Increase Blog Traffic on WordPress

Wish I had known how to increase blog traffic for wordpress earlier. Instead wasted much time, resources and money on cheap traffic, just to get one thousand visitors. Just wish I had discovered these simple SEO techniques, when learning how to increase traffic to my WordPress blog in USA.

Most people will tell you to buy traffic, which is an option most certainly don’t recommended. Due to facts that come with buying traffic. Problems include it only lasting for few months or weeks. Another problem been, Google might penalize your blog or remove it from appearing on search results. Buy organic traffic, only if you are unaware of how to increase blog traffic fast and free. Again its your own funeral, trying to manipulate Google and search rankings is really no way to go if you want to be successful at blogging. Hence why I prepared this article, were you will discover more ways to get those visitors to your website without paying a dime.

There tons of resources out on the web, some with relevant information on how to increase traffic on wordpress blog. But the rest might have revealed so little, which is a very common trend. Another issue been most people don’t unveil secrets on how to increase blog traffic for free, if your blog appears on google. Probably because they want you to purchase and online course or E book and make money off you, before showing you how to get organic traffic for your blog.

Having used these techniques on how to increase traffic to my wordpress blog. Sharing with you is in my best ability and hope to help your online business and blog rank, get traffic and help you make some money. Most bloggers and online marketers will tell you, traffic on blogs is what generates revenue. Its the same principle whether running ads, or affiliate advertising and guest sponsored posts.

How to increase blog traffic wordpress 2021

Even though there other ways of making money through a blog. These ways of monetization are the most commonly used today for almost all bloggers out there. Therefore learning how to increase traffic on WordPress blog is important, especially that our contemporary world now has over a billion websites. Thus you need to grasp the technique, not just to outrank your competition but dominate search rankings, get more engagements and increase blog traffic. Here are 10 ways on how to increase blog traffic wordpress

1. Write good Blog posts

If you have been expecting first step for how to increase blog traffic wordpress to be complicated, then you’re wrong. Remember Google places much emphasis on quality content. when you give readers and visitors amazing blog posts, they will entirely have no option but to keep coming back for more.

Content is king, hence when you publish anything on your blog. Make sure to make it very interesting, we detailed and not less than 400 words. Not only do long article provide more in depth on matters, but also allow websites to rank high on search compared to articles with few word count.

2. Optimize your posts (SEO)

We advise you to master the commonly used SEO techniques for search engine optimization. Learning how to make your website rank for targeted audience is very important. Otherwise you might end up not getting any traffic at all organically.

Do on page, off page and back linking strategies to allow google push you high above searches. Internal linking is good, add a map to your website to trigger location and make sure you mention countries withing content that are been targeted.

3. Use social media

Create an account either on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Importantly you can work with Pinterest, its the most reliable source of traffic for new bloggers. To increase traffic through this platform, generate pins, shared appealing content that people would want to know more about.

The only downside with relying on p interest for traffic than other platforms. It tends to do well for other categories that those based on tech and money etc. Therefore if you intend to start a fashion blog, food or mother and child parenting. Pinterest will do awesome wonders for your blog and website.

4. Build an audience for your Blog

What’s your blog about? Generate followers, makes sure to have an email subscribing button. Get more insight on visitors, learn content they follow and enjoy. Then work more on building articles and blog posts on these same topic. Remember people will only keep on visiting websites that have value and answering questions to there lives.

5. Use long tail keywords

To increase website traffic, especially in 2021, go for long tail keywords. These are focus keywords that answer and relates to questions a user might type in the search engine, or client t browser. Think of what people need, for instance if you’re looking for shops near you. Then the long tail keyword, would be, ‘what shops are near me’.

6. Avoid competitive keywords/queries

Don’t target competitive keywords which might be difficult for you to rank on search engines. To have more traffic this has been one of the easiest methods of boosting website visitors. Go for keywords with less competition, at least with difficult score of 17 and below. Difficult keywords can be of good value, due to the fact they bring in more traffic. But that’s bad for new blogs with less authority.

7. Do guest post and invite authors

Find similar websites in your niche. Write articles and get featured on these blogs. Having traffic on your blog, most comprises of different channels. For instance if you need visitors from the USA and 90% of traffic comes from India. Then you might need to have articles and your blog mentioned from American based blogs and websites.

8. Get more back links

Through your amazing content that’s been written and published, ensure sites are linking to your website. You will need as many bakclinks as possible to have authority on searches. Organic traffic has one major factor that’s, having other websites link to your website. Having combination of follow and no-follow links to any website gives search engines good signal and information about how valuable is your blog. Finally don’t just get links anyhow, but ensure they fall in the same category of your website.

9. Add website to directory listings

Locate public listing for the USA that have free listing of websites. Indicate as much information about your blog as possible. Add an external ;inks to your website. Directory listing websites, not only are they good for website exposure but also help to have some authority, especially if they have do-follow links.

10. Optimize website for mobile

Finally to conclude on how to increase blog traffic wordpress is making sure your website has been optimized for mobile. Remember in the USA and India, China with 935 million per month. There over 1 Million mobile users, hence it shows most people access the website through client browsers installed on mobile devices. Check for your blog page speed on google page speed insights, and follow through suggested methods to improve your mobile view of the blog and load page speed to be under a minute.

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