How to setup Huawei 4G router

Huawei Technologies Co is a Chinese multinational company dedicated to technology with one of the most important advances achieved in recent years. One such advanced piece of hardware is the Huawei 4G router. With these presentations, you will find a great variety of options and contemporary advantages. Before you learn how I set up my Huawei 4G router, you will have to know correctly to solve your questions while using them.

That is why one of the most important questions arises in the users of the company regarding the installation of the equipment and how to set up my Huawei 4G router to enjoy the fast multimedia signal.

How to set up my Huawei 4G router?

We share the necessary steps to configure your 4G router to take full advantage of its use in Huawei brand models in a simple and fast way. Follow each of the indications and if you encounter any problems with your equipment do not hesitate to consult your technical support.


Locate the back cover of the Wi-Fi router

Remove the back cover, screws, or locks depending on the model. You will find all the internal parts to start preparing your Wi-Fi device.

Insert the SIM card and make sure not to remove it

Insert the SIM card available for a 4G signal to start working on the system.

Add the SSID key and password (Wi-Fi name)

Identify in the SSID bar the name of your Huawei Wi-Fi router. Next, select the security password to protect its signal.


Insert the battery according to the alignment of the device after the above steps and connect to charge sufficiently.


Turn off your Wi-Fi router manually with the available button on the side. Then, wait 30 seconds and start again to prepare the device to work with the 4G signal.


Connect your Huawei router to finish charging its battery to the maximum.

Huawei 4G router operation

Once you start your Huawei 4G router you can enjoy the advantages of the fourth signal for connectivity and multimedia transfers of high speed and range within the devices reached.

Connect to the new opportunities of Huawei devices that continue to grow in the market and provide opportunities to its millions of users.


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