How to reset IDM trial manually

One of the software that is causing a sensation today is IDM (Internet Download Manager) due to the functions it has that greatly improve the capabilities of our browser in the download area, since having the program installed in our browser will allow us to use it as our new download manager instead of the one that our browser has as default when it is installed, this change is really beneficial for us, since once the IDM program is installed correctly it allows us to increase the speed of our downloads, in addition to offering us some extra options that are very useful for anyone who downloads a large number of files frequently, these options are to be able to pause, resume and even schedule each of our downloads, so if you need to download several files, but you do not have time to stay to download them, you can simply program your downloads with IDM software.

As you can see, the IDM (Internet Download Manager) software was created especially for those people who require frequent use of the download manager, in order to facilitate and speed up their downloads and to be able to save a lot of time from their day.

In addition to all the useful options that IDM presents us, the best thing is that it is compatible with the vast majority of operating systems such as Windows 7, 8, 10 and as an extra we can use with the web browsers that we use the most such as Chrome, Firefox and opera and its usage requirements are minimal so as long as you have a computer you can use it without problems.

Steps to reset IDM trial manually

Although IDM (Internet Download Manager) offers us a variety of options that are really useful in our browser and help us save a great amount of time and effort necessary in our downloads of the day, like all software that offers a variety of options that They are very useful for their users, it cannot come without a small price to pay and it is because once you install IDM for the first time in your browser, the software offers you a free license for only 30 days, and once this little time elapses that It really flies away without realizing it, we have to buy a license to continue using IDM’s practical and useful functions.

Paying for a license can be annoying for some and difficult for others, so as in most of the programs we use we look for a way to continue using all its functions in an unlimited way, without having to pay a penny out of our pocket, and in most cases through some ‘secret’ methods we achieve this goal.

Well, IDM is not the exception to that rule, we all want to use it without paying, but the way to achieve it had not yet been found, but here we will explain a very simple and fast way to have unlimited IDM so that you can use it without worrying about paying no license.

Well, the method that we will use to achieve free IDM is by restoring the free 30-day IDM trial that the software gives us when installing the program to perform the reset, you only need to follow these simple steps that will not take more than a few minutes:

1. First what we need to do is look for a small program called `IDM Trial Reset´ that as its name indicates what it will do is help us to reset the IDM trial version that we are using right now. Once they find the program, they just need to install it normally on their computer.

2. Once the Reset IDM Trial manually program is installed on our computer, we just have to open it like any other program, once the program window appears, a button that says ‘Reset the IDM trial now’ will appear. A small box will appear. That says ‘Automatically’ check this box and then press the button ‘Reset the IDM trial now’ this will reset your IDM to how it was the first day you installed it.

3. Once the ‘Reset the IDM trial now’ button is pressed, the program will automatically erase the records of the days you have been using IDM, so it will appear as if you have just installed it and of course you will keep all IDM functions active for you. Use, also you do not need to do this process every time you finish the free license since the program automatically does this task every 15 days, so you do not have to bother about it.

4. Once the above steps have been completed, all you need to do is make sure you keep the ÌDM trial reset ‘program installed, because if you delete it by mistake, obviously the function it was doing will no longer work and you will lose your free IDM. Also when you run the `IDM trial reset´ program make sure that your antivirus does not intervene in its functions as this could end up making the program unable to perform its task and end up not working properly, so before using it the best It would be that you deactivate your antivirus to be safe.

Well, this is the simplest, fastest and simplest method that there is currently to allow us to use all IDM functions for free and unlimited for as long as we want, each highlighting that the program that we will use for the `IDM trial reset´ process already It was checked in the latest versions that have come out of IDM (Internet Download Manager), and it has worked perfectly to date, so if you have the latest version of IDM and you wonder if this method will work for you, I advise you to try it because Surely it will also work for the version you have installed, also the program that you will use for the reset is very light since it only weighs (1.13 MB), so it will not take you long to download and install it on your computer.


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