How to enter BIOS Windows 10 Lenovo

The first thing we should know before starting with the main topic is what is BIOS? What does it do? And why do we need it? Here’s How to enter BIOS Windows 10 Lenovo (Lenovo, ThinkPad BIOS key)

The BIOS (Basic Input Output System) that we have in our computer, is an extremely important component for every computer, this is because the BIOS is the element that manages all the components and commands that we use and make our computer work. The BIOS finds components like; RAM memory, CPU, storage, and board, among other components that are basically what give life to our computer, They allow us to use it efficiently without unexpected problems.

For an operating system such as Windows 10 or any other version of the system that has the BIOS installed on your computer, it is essential for the operating system to start without problems.

That is why the BIOS is of vital importance in the operation of the computer. We must learn as much as possible from it, in case we need to use some of its options for any reason. For example, if we have a problem when starting our operating system or the computer does not start with the hard disk we want (BIOS has an option that allows us to choose with which hard disk we want the computer to log in).

Things that usually happen to our computer, either due to our carelessness or because we were trying to change some configuration of our computer, and we made a mistake. Now we do not know how to solve it, it is important to learn to enter and use the computer’s BIOS as well as possible in order to either solve a problem or avoid creating a problem when modifying the configuration computer without knowing enough to avoid a crash.

Well, now the question that most people ask themselves is, How to enter the BIOS of Windows 10 Lenovo? There are a couple of ways to achieve this, but the most recommended is the simplest and without possible problems, so that is the one that we are going to explain below so that you can perform this action in a fast, simple way and without risk of damage or alter something in your system.

BIOS Windows 10 Lenovo
BIOS Windows 10 Lenovo

Steps to enter BIOS with Windows 10 Lenovo (Lenovo, ThinkPad BIOS key)

1. The first thing we must do to enter the BIOS of our computer is to turn off our computer completely if we have it turned on (It is important that they turn it off completely and not only restart it at the time of performing the steps below since if only Some computers restart it and do not allow them to access the BIOS since it is considered a fast restart and this option is skipped to start in a faster way).

2. Once you have the computer turned off, the second step is to turn it on again and wait for the Lenovo logo that appears just when you turn on the computer.

3. Once the Lenovo logo appears, we must immediately press the F2 key repeatedly since if we do it only once it is possible that the system does not recognize the command and continues to boot normally without entering the BIOS, also Make sure to do it at When the Lenovo logo appears, otherwise, if they take too long, no matter how many times you press the key, you will never access the BIOS.

4. If you correctly carried out all the previous steps in the correct way in which it was explained, you should be able to access the BIOS, since the moment you press the F2 key, a window will automatically open that is the BIOS window, there you can find all the options and functions that BIOS offers and you can change or edit what you need.

However, as mentioned at the beginning of the topic, the BIOS is a very important component and therefore very delicate, so it is necessary that you exercise extreme caution and inform yourself well when altering any of the options that will appear in your BIOS window.

Depending on the computer you have, the BIOS window that appears may be different from others you have seen before. The reason for this is that there are two types of BIOS, one is the old version that is mostly found in computers more than 10 years old, this version can be considered the simple and standard version of the BIOS program, in which they will only appear the essential options of the different components that BIOS manages, once you learn ways to enter BIOS Windows 10 Lenovo and no extra options will appear that will allow you to make many more changes as in the current version of BIOS.

The most updated version of BIOS not only has a much more sophisticated and personalized appearance than the old one, but also has a number of additional options that are many more than those we have in the old version, these new options will allow us to change and configure many characteristics and properties of the various components that BIOS manages, but due to this change that I add a multitude of additional options it is also much easier to change something that we should not change and damage our system, so those who have this BIOS version should be careful what they touch.

In addition, this new version of BIOS also gives us more options by which we can enter the BIOS without having to press any key. By simply using some options that Windows 10 has available to everyone, without the need to turn off the computer, we can program the system so that when we restart our computer shows how to enter BIOS Windows 10 Lenovo (Lenovo, ThinkPad BIOS key) directly without the need to take any additional measures, so it became one of the best known and currently used options for Windows 10 users.

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