How to configure Huawei router as wireless access point

Sometimes it is more useful to remove the wireless Wi-Fi action to turn it into an access point, so it is important to know how to make this change to accommodate all kinds of situations.While Internet routers are much more popular, fast, manageable but sometimes need proper manual configurations. Its easy to find good router in the market (See Huawei router setup manual). Applying an access point can be a simpler solution for a group of users once you make your Huawei router wireless access point.

Converting to an access point saves a lot of hassle thanks to a simpler and more straightforward setup for connections, as the new router will be programmed to connect to IP addresses close to your signal range.

Find out everything you need to convert your Huawei router as a wireless access point below with simple steps.

What is an access point?

Access points are devices capable of creating a local area network known as a WLAN, which is generally applied in office connections or large buildings works perfectly for Huawei router wireless access point.

With these direct connections to a router or switch through an Ethernet cable, it projects the Internet signal with Wi-Fi mode in a specific area you want to cover.

In this way, the access points connect spaces that are not covered by the Internet signal through direct assembly in the desired server room.

Huawei router wireless access point
Huawei router wireless access point

How to configure Huawei router as a wireless access point?

The first step you should take with your Huawei router is to access the configuration panel by connecting the Ethernet cable directly to the equipment to access the IP data from the Internet browser.

Once inside the settings you must enter the Wi-Fi settings, to sort the options as follows:

  • Network name (SSID): same name in router and access point.
  • Security, password and encryption: same data in router and access point.
  • Channel: select different in router and access point.

Now you will be able to find in the network search spectrum the signal of two networks with the same name on different channels, keeping your devices connected to the closer of the two (the stronger one).

Confirm the above steps and save the changes to find the connection system you want with your Huawei device wherever you are.

You will then be able to have an automatic connection to the highest Internet streaming on smart devices such as phones or tablets.Discover more services and configurations of Huawei devices here. Consult any problem with your equipment with technical support for specific requests in your Huawei services.

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