How to access WordPress administration without domain

WordPress is one of the most important applications for creating websites and blog posts around the world, but sometimes we can lose the way to enter the accounts as administrator. Its possible to access WordPress administration without domain, While the login is of simple format once being knowledgeable about the login details, we may encounter some data loss or domain that takes us to the edit screen.

Find out how to access the WordPress administration without domain with these steps to help you optimize de login of your web and account out of the traditional method.

Access with wp-admin

To manage a WordPress page administration without domain you must know the name of your website, if not and keep under the control of a third party, you must consult the main domain under which your online site is managed.

In this way you will have to enter its name in the search engine in the upper bar, adding the URL ending: /wp-admin or, as an alternative, /wp-login.

After closing the search with this plugin it is possible to enter directly to the editing address in WordPress, being the following sample the login data box (Username and password).

Once this step is successfully completed you will be sent to the direct desktop of the application to start editing and configuring the website.

No login screen appears?

If you have consulted the login with the inclusion of both endings to enter the WordPress screen there is an alternative way to login.

This may be due to some configuration at the time of creating the website by the developer, who has been able to protect the login of the account through a code or security plugin.

If this is the case and you do not keep in touch with the developer, you can opt for access through cPanel.

Access WordPress with cPanel

There is an alternative way to access WordPress through cPanel, a control panel of your we SSD hosting or application host.

This option is ideal when there are problems when accessing the administration account such as loss of user, passwords that can not be recovered or the website is protected.

When finding any of these faults the process with cPanel consists of:

– Login to the cPanel application directly with your details.

– Select the “Softaculous” option and look for the WordPress icon.

– The list of accounts associated with your hosting will be displayed. Locate the admin icon of the account you wish to log in.

This way, you will be able to alternatively login to the WordPress account. If the problem occurs due to problems with the login data, it is recommended that once you log in, you configure new credentials.

This way you will not have to resort to the secondary process and connect more quickly and easily.

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