Cost to start a blog in India

Starting a blog in India is one of the most common activities for freelancers in the country, although one of the main doubts about starting writing is the cost of opening a new entry.

This is the first thing we should know to a good start and the budget adjusted for each of the projects may be different according to the platform or characteristics. If you want to do your own work, we help you to know exactly how much it costs to start a blog in India to have a better idea at the time of your next creation.

How much does it cost to start a blog in India?

Internet writing is a key part of freelance writing jobs around the world, and it is an option to consider in order to have a good economic reward through the creation of content. Even so, finding an adequate price in the market for your posts is one of the biggest doubts for new members, who are not sure if it is too little or too much.

Consulting different paid platforms for blog creators in India, we reached an economic average to explain the cost of a blog that averages between 700 INR and 1000 INR.

A value that does not make it very cheap, although not excessively expensive either. Even so, if this option is not possible for your new project, you can check out free blogging platforms in India to then incorporate hosting into your work.

Best blogging platforms in India

For writers in India and around the world, there are many online platforms for content creation, management, and publishing in different paid and free formats for every user’s choice. In the tastes of every content creator learning wordpress, has many advantages and there are important spaces that you can visit like, or the most known:

Both are free services to create blogs, making them the best applications on the market and the most visited in the world for their systems of website creation only through registration.

Of course, for professional projects or those that need more options and configurations you can resort to a paid platform, in order to adapt a domain and hosting to publish your blog.

How to become a blogger in India?


India is one of the most populous countries in the world, so finding expert bloggers and writing lovers is a huge possibility, so to be an expert in the area it is important to start with determination and maintain consistency.

The style of writing in India represents many aspects and platforms that encourage the flow of the internet from the locality and the world, so adapting new styles to form messages is appealing is one of the keys.

Invest in your content

Accompanying good preparation in aspects of writing and creating web content is one of the possibilities to better and put together a successful blog.

So as part of the budget, you can incorporate courses and workshops in copywriting or online writing to make better content.

Know your audience

Before you start a blog, you must know your audience and who it is aimed at, so that it becomes attractive and interesting content for the target. In this way, you should know your customers, and do proper SEO for a good ranking on Google. Ensure better and try to offer solutions to all their doubts or needs. If you write for India, get to know India. If it is for international publications, find out what they really want to read.

Connect with your audience through words and it will become easier and easier to get positive results with your publications (including financial gains with good work).

Start your creative journey in India by knowing the costs of your next blogs, publish, improve, learn and earn with your content on the Internet.


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