Software Developer Salary in South Africa 2022

How much do software engineers earn in South Africa 2022? a software developer is an individual who analyses user needs and after the analysis is done, he or she creates, tests, and eventually develops software to solve problems, to provide entertainment as well as make life a lot easier for the target group.

The role of a software developer is more focused on developing tailor-made solutions for business entities. This may include software development for medical, industrial, military, communications, business, scientific, and general computing applications.

Software developers are the creative brains behind all kinds of computer programs. While some software developers may focus on a specific program or application, others create a broad network or core system that helps run and operate other programs. Therefore, there are two main classifications of developers: application software developers and system software developers.

After drawing designs, creating flowcharts, and preparing for each step of the process, developers create diagrams and models to instruct programmers on how to write code for programs.

Other tasks include mapping software to be stored for future upgrades and testing software, and collaborating with other computer specialists to ensure the software is up and running properly.

Skills Software Developers Need to Possess

Problem-Solving Skills

The essence of software development is to create programs that solve user problems. If you are the kind of person who is good at identifying problems and finding solutions on how best to solve them, you might be ideal for a career in software development. Not only that, but programming itself is often an exercise in troubleshooting and bug fixing – the ability to patiently and strategically deal with potential bugs or code issues is a big part of their job.


Contrary to popular belief, software developers do not sit isolated at their desks without

communication. In fact, they spend a lot of time collaborating with other developers and programmers to create premium products for users. Good communication, empathy, and the ability to cooperate with others are a must.

Intrinsic Motivation

Building software can be a difficult and tedious task, so it is important that you do not feel discouraged in a situation where you do not succeed on the first attempt. If you are the type of person who is naturally determined to finish whatever you start, a career in software development is perfect for you.

Analytical And Strategic

Coding and software are a bit of a mystery, and if you are someone who likes to solve mysteries by looking at the big picture and small steps along the way, you will be at home with software development. There is very careful planning that goes into creating this type of program. If you can find the fastest or most efficient way from one point to another, the world of software development will welcome you with arms wide open.

Software Developer Salary in South Africa

A software developer’s monthly salary in a South African company one is working for and level of software developer position held, as well as experience. The following are the salaries:

Junior Developer – R14,000 – R24,000

Intermediate (5+ years of experience) – R37,000 – R45,000

Senior Developer (10+ years of experience) – R65,000 – R87,000


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