Computer Programmer Hourly Salary in Canada

How much do programmers make per hour in Canada? computer programmers are specialized in writing and testing the code that enables computer applications and programs to work. They translate software developer and engineer designs into working code. They can also update or extend the code of an existing program or debug a program, finding and repairing broken lines of code.

Hard skills computer programmers need to possess

In order to thrive in their positions, computer programmers ought to develop hard skills. Programming languages are undoubtedly very important skills to computer programmers and it is highly recommendable for an individual computer programmer to learn multiple languages in order to benefit greatly as languages vary in their use as well as applicability hence knowing more than one language is advantageous to programmers.

Some of the programming languages are as follows


This is a free and open-source operating system designed for personal computers. Computer programmers who have expertise and experience with Linux have a competitive advantage in the job market compared to other candidates without expertise in it.


This is an all-purpose computer programming language that boasts functionality that enables one writing to run anywhere. This is to mean that a code written in Java can on any device that has a Java virtual machine.


This is one of the three main technologies of the internet, along with HTML and CSS as almost every website uses JavaScript to enable it to interact and equally almost every web browser incorporates a JavaScript engine.


This is one of the first languages that a student of computer programming learns. This language comes alive when designing desktop applications and e-commerce servers.

Hypertext Markup Language HTML

This is one of the commonest languages in web design which sends documents from its server to internet browsers which are then converted into multimedia webpages. It is recommended for computer programmers to acquaint themselves with this language before they can even start their computer science undergraduate program.

Soft skills computer programmers need to possess


Computer programmers need to be attentive to detail as they work with codes and software operations hence for them to ensure efficiency, quality, and proficient work, they need to be attentive to detail.


Computer programmers more often than not, work on multiple tasks at once and it is only logical that they have the element of multitasking in them if they are to succeed in their position.

Computer programmer hourly salary in Canada

A computer programmer in Canada gets paid $37.62 per hour.


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