Different types of keys in keyboard

How many types of keys are there in keyboard? the keyboard is one of the parts that make up our computer and among the parts of the computer it is one of the most essential for all of us, since the keyboard is the one that allows us to write, store and transmit any information either in letters or numbers to through our computer.

So in the current era, the keyboard has become an extremely necessary and important object in our daily lives. Like all electronic devices, the keyboard is made up of several parts, called blocks; These divide the types of keys in the keyboard, these blocks are named as:

Function block: In this block that is located at the top of our keyboard, we can find the keys that we will identify as F1, F2, F3, F4 up to the F12 key.

Alphanumeric block: This block is located just below the function block that was mentioned earlier in this block we will find the keys that we will use most frequently in our computer, which are the keys that make up the alphabet from ‘A’ to Z ‘among some other keys that we will explain later.

Special block: This block is made up of 13 keys that we can find just to the right of the alphanumeric block that we described before, here we will find some keys such as Insert, Start, Print Screen, etc.

Numeric block: The numeric block is located to the right of the special block in which we can find, as its name indicates, the keys that determine the numbers and allow us to perform different mathematical calculations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Types of keys in keyboard

We already know what the keyboard is in general, what it is for and how it is composed, now we will deal with the most important theme of the keyboard, which is; What are the different types of keys in the keyboard, and what are these keys used for? This is something very important that we must try to remember since when using our keyboard it will allow us to have a much greater command of it, which in turn will facilitate the writing, whether numerical or textual, that we want to do on our computer.

Now, let’s start with the topic at hand:

1. Writing keys: The writing keys or also called alphanumeric keys are just as their name indicates. Those that include the various keys that allow us to write any text that we need to make; these keys are:

The keys that make up the alphabet from A to Z, the number keys; that are just above the letter keys which start from the number 1 to 0, punctuation keys and the symbol keys that include question marks and exclamation marks, period, comma, accent, brackets, among others. All these keys are those that are located in the alphanumeric block mentioned above at the beginning of the article.

2. Control keys: The control keys can be considered as the most special keys on our keyboard since, unlike most other keys, they can perform more than one function and this is achieved through the combination of keys or also called keyboard shortcuts. The keys that make up this type are the keys: Ctrl, Alt, the Windows logo key, Alt Gr, Spacer, Enter, Caps Lock, Shift and Tab; Each one of them fulfills a special function on the keyboard and most of them, such as Ctrl, Alt, Shift and Alt Gr, can be used in key combinations that will allow us to activate different hidden options of our keyboard of which surely they do not know the most.

3. Function keys: Function keys are not like most of the keys on our keyboard that we used to write texts or numbers, they are a special type of keys that instead of being used to write, they allow us to activate certain functions depending on the program we are running on our computer. These keys are F1, F2, F3 to F12, each of them can activate a specific function of a program that you are executing, but said action may vary depending on the program you use, for example in `Word ‘if we press the F1 key When we are running it, it will open the Word help window.

4. Navigation keys: These keys are used especially to move between the different web pages and documents, in addition to allowing us to edit texts. The navigation keys are made up of the following keys: the Home, End, Page Up, Page Down, Delete, and Insert keys. Although, these keys are not widely used by most users as many are unaware of their capabilities or do not know how to use them correctly.

5. Numeric keyboard: The numeric keyboard is formed by the different numeric keys and the keys that allow us to multiply, divide, subtract and add. That is why the numeric keyboard can be called a small calculator on our keyboard that makes things much easier for us when we have to do some accounts or any action that requires the use of numbers, something important to keep in mind about this numeric keyboard.

Its only used when we need to use it, we must be sure that it is active, since unlike the rest of the keys on our keyboard, the keys and functions of the number keyboard can be deactivated and activated at will and to do so, all we have to do is press one of the keys that make it up, which is the `Num Lockยด key. This key is the one that allows us to activate or deactivate the numeric keyboard. If you want to know if your numeric keyboard is active or not, you only have to observe the small lights that are just above the numeric keyboard, if the first light on the left side is on it means that your keyboard is activated and if it appears off then it is clearly off, and You will need to activate it with the ‘Num Lock’ key to be able to use it.


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