How to Rotate Screen on Laptop Windows 10

How do I rotate my screen on Windows 10 with keyboard? since the release of Windows operating systems by Microsoft, they have had several functions that even until now remain ‘hidden’ from most of us, despite how useful they can be or how annoying they can be if they are used. We use it by accident without knowing how to reverse it, one of these secret functions that our operating system has, in this case Windows 10, which is the one we are using this time, is to rotate the screen of our laptop or desktop computer.

Either because you want to rotate the screen of your laptop for a specific purpose or because you rotated it by accident, and now you don’t know how to solve it, it is very useful for you to learn these little methods that are really very simple and easy to use to rotate the screen as you wish from your laptop.

Methods to rotate the screen on laptop Windows 10

1. Key combination

This is definitely the fastest and simplest way so that we can rotate our laptop screen in the shortest possible time and without complicating ourselves a lot with difficult things that perhaps most would not understand or get confused.

Well the key combinations that must be made on your keyboard are the following:

  • Ctrl + Alt + Left Arrow: This will rotate the screen to the left 90 degrees.
  • Ctrl + Alt + Right Arrow: This will rotate the screen to the right 90 degrees.
  • Ctrl + Alt + Down Arrow: This will make the screen rotate 180 degrees, that is, it will turn upside down.
  • Ctrl + Alt + Up Arrow: This will return the screen to its normal state.

2. From Windows 10 settings

This method, although it requires a few more steps than the previous one, is not too complicated and in fact, like the key combination, it is also quite simple.

Ok, let’s start with this method:

The first thing they should do is right-click on a free area on their desktop, some options will appear, among which will be “ Display settings ”. They should select this option. Once this is done, the Windows 10 Configuration window will open, if you look a bit you will find an option that says ‘Orientation Adjustment‘ click on it to display the list of options and you will be able to see a part where it says if we want to see our screen in vertical or horizontal position, once they are there, they just have to select the position they want to use.

3. Rotate the screen using the Intel Graphics Panel.

The most common screen drivers are Intel Graphics so this method should work for most laptops or desktops we have and if yours does not use Intel you can still try this same method and check if your screen driver Currently you have the option to rotate your screen, which in most cases should be available, and if not, the other methods that we explain have for that.

Like the previous ones, this method is also quite fast and without complications. Well what they have to do is the following:

Go to your desktop and in an empty area right click once the options appear, look for the one that says ‘Graphics properties‘ and select it, once this is done a new window will open in which the ‘Control Panel’ will appear graphics┬┤ once there they just have to go to the screen options and once there they can change whatever they want, both the scale, the refresh rate and of course the rotation of the screen that we need.

4. Use command lines

Unlike the other methods this is somewhat more complicated since of course most of us do not use command lines and surely there are many who do not even know what it is, so this method is not widely used but in the same way it will be explained for those who they like to use commands.

To rotate the screen using command lines you can use Display, this is a tool that will allow us to rotate the screen using the system symbols window, you will have to install this tool that you can download from the internet. Since they have it installed, they only need to open the command prompt window that they can see in the accessories folder, just press the ‘Start’ button on the keyboard, they go to ‘all programs’ and there they will be able to see the accessories folder. Well once in the command prompt window, they just have to type the command display / rotateXX, where the XX goes is where they need to place the degrees they want to rotate the screen like 90 degrees or 180 degrees, then they simply press `Enter┬┤ and ready.

5. Use third party applications.

As in almost everything currently, there are some applications that allow you to rotate your screen, although this is a method that is not used much since with the first methods mentioned above it is much faster and without having to bother downloading or installing anything, but even so it is important to know all the options we have so we will explain this method as well.

To rotate your screen with an application, you will simply need to look for an application like Rotate, which has free software that allows us to rotate our desktop screen the way we want up, down, left or right. To use it, they only need to download it and once installed, they simply go to their desktop in an empty space and right-click it and the option to rotate the screen will appear in the options displayed.

These 5 methods to rotate the screen of your Windows 10 laptop not only work with the version of Windows 10, but they can also be used in other versions of Windows, such as Windows 7 or 8.


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