How to get Your Website On Google

In this article I’m going to reveal the simplest ways to get your website found on Google, we have answered most asked questions like How do I get my website found on Google? The most common question in the blogging and web developing space is getting found on searches. Thus most people have asked us, “how do i get my website to show up on google search”? and John Freddy from UK, asked similar question as well.

To begin, in as much as you might want to get on search results. I suggest you check what we discussed on our most shared article. Covered detailed reasons your blog might not be appearing. It should provide direction for your problem, and how it could be diagnosed. Because there’s just too many reasons any blog might not show on google.

Some people will say, “just wait and google will index your website”. That’s true they will index it eventually, but the fact been it takes ages following this method. Unless you have learnt wordpress, then you can easily locate the issue yourself, especially when your blog is not showing on google. Otherwise, as earlier stated; It just takes much time and you don’t want to keep on waiting. Waiting works better if your blog has a huge following, social presence, or YouTube channel linked.

Google Search Console

Each company similar to google has its own search engine and bits that crawl posts. Yahoo for example uses Bing, which has been its search engine. Hence if you want to have your website appear on google, then it must be submitted to googles search engine. These tools are built specifically to manage, crawl websites, optimize and track visitors. Popular leading web services in the world, been Google search console and Google Analytics.

Google Analytics

Google analytics is a website tool also for application and web apps, which analyzes website traffic. Google analytics is great for websites that have traffic and online website to know what your visitors visit the most.

Liking it with any website prompts google signals that alerts search engine on the web visitor stats, thus making your blog important to dominate ranking.

10 Ways to Get Your Website Found on Google Search

#1: Submit URL to search engines

Fist step to make sure your site has traffic is to get your website found on Google through URL submission to search engines. Manually this can be done through search console, in the section for admin and add website.

You will be prompted to verify ownership of the property, make sure you have login credential and permission to the web or app property inside google search console. It takes between 3 days to 4 weeks before google crawls your website. To rank blog posts it takes between 2 to 6 months for any new website. Because search engines have to establish trust with your website. Hence be patient and give it time, especially for new websites, installed on brand new a domain with no authority.

#2: Crawl Your Website

For google to crawl your website. This works for and this should help get your website found on Google. On your property in search console, scroll and choose URL crawl. Submit the home page URL and check if it exists or has been crawled already.

Once crawled hit the submit URL to be added in search and wait for the website to show up on google search. To know if your pages are been displayed and showing, type site: with no extension. For websites not showing, directory submission also helps to get your website found on Google.

#3: Share Your Content

Get your website found on Google through content sharing. Create a unique audience and social following, both on YouTube and Facebook, or even Instagram. Every time a blog post is published, push it to those audience and sale your content. Once google notices your content is important its gets boosted on top of searches.

Content sharing has been on of the oldest strategies to make money from a website, generate leads, getting back links but also making your blog dominant.

#4: Internal Linking

Get your website found on Google through internal linking techniques. Its an amazing easy method, therefore works on blogs especially with enough content. Google is all about user experience, hence any bog posts that’s related your previous posts, if properly linked, will help get your website found on Google.

To quickly get your website found on Google indicate the valuable content. For example any blog posts about security, should be linked with content on protection for your wordpress website. Don’t link food related content with anything that might not make sense to your visitor. Employing these techniques, overtime should not only get your website found on Google, but also boost your rankings.

5#: Get Enough Back links

Post outreach and guest posting is an amazing easy way of getting back links for your website. More back links is what people use to rank on top. But back links should get your website found on Google. Its what makes authority of any website increase.

Make natural back-links, avoid spamming and purchasing of links, else google will penalize your website. Generate good links, thus if that’s the case, then anytime you post something it will appear on search within minutes.

#6: Don’t Block Google-bots

Allow google bots and other search engine related software to gain access of your website. Just be careful to to allow access to sensitive website information. This includes login pages, admin content and database information which can make your website vulnerable.

Set this short code to get your website found on google after creating robots.txt file;

#7: Optimize Your Posts

Optimizing wordpress blog posts through search engine plugins such as Yoast plugin, will help get your website on google. Create keywords to rank for and set meta description, meta tags and post name.

#8: Create Website Hierarchy

#9: Avoid Competitive Keywords

#10: Indicate Cornerstone Articles


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