How do I find my WordPress admin IP address

WordPress is one of the most popular platforms in the world for creating websites. But for new users, one of the most frequently asked questions is: How do I find my WordPress admin IP address? And is that the web platform has the ability to create websites easily, but with some questions that can hinder the way.

For this, we share the answer to find the direct address for the entry of your administration account and information boards of your pages.

What is WordPress?

The benefits of learning WordPress are enormous because this is one of the most important platforms on the Internet for the management and publication of content that is available since 2003.

Its format allows the creation of web pages, blogs, and posts that can be easily shared in a professional style thanks to all the tools and plugins available to its users. With possible management for all types of users, WordPress is the ideal option to start to make your business known on the Internet with a few steps and for free. But even so, it has several advanced options that you can apply or consult a specialist, themes, nulled templates, security, because WordPress can be hacked, etc. so we show you how to Find my WordPress admin IP address.

WordPress admin IP address
WordPress admin IP address

Find my WordPress admin IP address

Going to the home page of your WordPress is sometimes confusing. It seems that all the links get lost on the way, but the solution is simple.

To enter your website you will need to know the URL of your website under the domain you have assigned since the WordPress screen is accessed by simply adding the “/admin” ending at the end of the link.

This application is possible through other commands such as /login or /wp-login.php at the end of the URL.


In this way, you will be directed to the WordPress login screen where you enter your username and password.

WordPress admin IP address
WordPress admin IP address

Each of these alternative ways allows you to have a better command of the web platform. Now you know the aspects of your own website.

Find out more about WordPress options in our notes to allocate more growth to your digital space.

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