How to Increase Mobile Internet Speed

Internet is indeed an integral part of our daily lives for various for different purposes – a student for studies, an entrepreneur or business houses for business transactions, and some, for dating apps. Even if you buy 3G and 4G technology for your Android, How can I increase my phone data speed? that doesn’t stop you from increasing your internet speed. There are many apps that can help you get a faster internet speed, but you can make basic adjustments to them.

The following are the ways through which internet speed can be increased on a mobile phone:

Clear the Cache

Once the cache is filled up, it slows down your phone’s normal internet speed, resulting in slow internet speed. There are two ways of clearing the cache either by clearing it manually via the following prompts under “Settings” or downloading a Smartphone Cleaner which fully optimizes your device and helps you to get the highest possible internet speed.

Uninstall Applications No longer in Use

Your device might have a lot of storage space; nevertheless, it is always advisable to have enough space in your phone. One of the ways to keep space in your phone is by deleting applications that you no longer use and uninstalling applications can be done by following the guide below:

Settings> Installed Applications and tap the application you want to delete then scroll down and click ‘Uninstall’.

Preferred Network Connection

As you may be well aware, LTE is faster than other available options. You need to change your preferred LTE network connection to increase your internet speed on Android. You can go to Settings > Network Type Settings and select the option called “Prefer LTE”.

Text Mode in The Browser

If your browser is text-based and you do not need image support on the web, you can switch your

browser to text mode. The browser will load the text as content on the webpage you enter thereby ignoring image downloads which then save bandwidth and subsequently increase internet speed.

Download A Faster Browser

Technology keeps on evolving, as are web browsers. Therefore, if you still use an older browser and you’ve never thought about updating, it may be time to switch to a faster web browser. Newer and faster browsers are designed to keep up with the speed of the Internet and download content directly to your device.

Do Away with Ads

As you browse, ads always appear and slow down your internet, which would ruin your entire browsing experience. Sometimes the ads you see when browsing a website use more data than the entire website itself. With our mobile ad-blocking browser, you can block ads for smoother and faster browsing.

Choose WiFi Over Mobile Data

If you do not have a high-speed 3G or 4G connection, connect to the nearest Wi-Fi access point which will enable you to access much faster internet than the one on your phone.

In general, you do not need many applications to increase your internet speed on Android, as these steps will cause a lot of changes in your browsing. However, it is a good idea to run an internet speed test to make sure your carrier is innocent. If you find the expected average test result below, you can contact your service provider.


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