How to get Wi-Fi password of neighbor’s using laptop

Having access to the internet through Wi-Fi has become one of the most necessary and useful things in our day to day, since basically most of the things we do every day require using our internet. Therefore, this leaves us with a pressing need to always have at our disposal a Wi-Fi zone available to be able to quickly access and surf the internet without worries one you learn how to get WiFi password of neighbors.

However, it may happen to some that they do not have a Wi-Fi connection in their own home or that they simply have a problem with it and cannot connect to the Internet at the moment. Whatever your situation, it will leave us with the same question. What do I do? And how do I connect to Wi-Fi? It is at that moment that many people think that their neighbor has Wi-Fi and that they could connect to their Wi-Fi network to continue enjoying their idea through the Internet.

But here the key question of the topic arises, which is how do I obtain my neighbor’s Wi-Fi password using laptop (or desktop computer)? This is the question that many ask themselves in their homes today and the reason for this is that although there are good and friendly neighbors who would let you connect to their Wi-Fi network, after you know how to get WiFi password of neighbors if you ask them, there are others who would simply send you to put your own Wi-Fi.

For these unfriendly neighbors, it is that we will need some method to obtain their Wifi password in a stealthy way so that they do not realize that their secret password is no longer so secret.

In these cases, most of them usually search online for the different ways that there are to be able to obtain the neighbor’s Wi-Fi password, but the truth is that most of the options offered on the internet are false or simply are not at all as effective as we are. They paint it in the title of the subject. There are also many applications that claim to be able to do this in the application stores, but it is certain that this is false and why? Well, because if they really could, the application store would not allow them to publish their application since it would not be very legal.

This is why we must be especially careful with these strange applications that promise you many things, since most of the time; they are useless and could even have malware to obtain some of our personal information from our computer.

Below we will explain a safe, fast and simple method. By which they will be able to obtain the password of the Wifi of their neighbor.

Steps to obtain the password of the neighbor’s Wi-Fi with laptop

One of the most popular ways to hack wireless networks is in which the network we want to hack is traced to know what is happening on said network. For this there are many tools that are used to hack WEP / WPA keys, these are the tools most used by those who want to decrypt passwords or solve a problem that their network has.

The method that we will use on this occasion to obtain our Wifi password is that of software called ‘Wifi PassFab key┬┤. This software has the necessary tools to hack your neighbor’s Wi-Fi password, through various tools and functions that it has, and it does so quickly and silently, which is what we need in these cases.

Many may think that it will be difficult to use this type of software, but `Wifi PassFab Key ‘is a very simple and easy software to use by anyone if you want to get WiFi password of neighbors , even if they do not have any computer knowledge, you only need to know how to read to understand the options that will come out.

Okay, now let’s start with the steps to use the `Wifi PassFab Key’software:

get WiFi password of neighbors
get WiFi password of neighbors

1. The first step will be to go to our favorite browser, search, download and install the ‘Wifi PassFab’ software, which will be very simple, since it is very easy to find software.

2. Once they have finished downloading and installing the software correctly, we proceed to execute it, so go ahead and double-click the program icon.

3. Once opened, the first thing that should appear would be a window with all the passwords for each Wifi network that you have on your laptop. These include the passwords that your neighbor has, since the software automatically when it opens it scans the networks that are in the area and obtains their data.

4. In the passwords that appear in the Wifi PassFab Key window, you only have to select the one you want to use, which in this case would be your neighbor’s. Once selected, we are going to press the ‘Export’ button that appears in the lower right part of the window.

5. Once you press `Export┬┤ another window will appear asking you to save the data you selected as CSV files, here just go to the folder you want to save this data and click on save and that’s it.

6. Once the previous steps have been carried out, we should already have the data that we selected, saved in our laptop, to see them, we just go to the folder or to the place where we previously saved them, and open it. Then it is only a matter of connecting to the neighbor’s Wi-Fi network with the password and data obtained that simple.

By the way, this software has an extra, which is that it is compatible with several of the operating systems most used by all, such as Windows 7, 8 and 10. So you will not have to worry much about compatibility problems at the time of install it.

Note: If a problem arises when running the software, it may be your antivirus that blocked its functions, since it detects it as a foreign element. If this happens to them, they should try disabling their antivirus and then run the program again.

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