Fix IDM trial Reset not working

The IDM program or Internet Download Manager is a software developed by Tonec in order to become the new download manager of our browser. It replaces the default administrator of the browser that we are using. This article explains how to Fix IDM trial Reset not working. IDM software is compatible with most operating systems used today, such as Windows 7, 8, 10, Vista, XP, and even Windows 2000.

The functions of this IDM program are to allow us to increase the speed of our downloads several times. In addition, It allows us to pause any downloads and resume them when we want to. It even allows us to schedule downloads so that the program can start the download at the moment we want to program without the need for us to have to do it manually.

Another thing that makes this software so popular is the fact that it is compatible with almost all current browsers. This includes the most widely used such as Chrome, Firefox, and Opera, among other web browsers. It is also very compatible with firewalls, redirection, cookies, proxy, and other processes that we always use online.

But IDM or Internet Download Manager, like all software, is not perfect. The reason for this is that many users tend to have various problems either installing the program or after having installed it and even for a while after you have installed it successfully. These problems can vary, hence you need to know how to Fix IDM trial Reset not working. They can be small error messages saying that there is a problem or that the program stops when it is running.

The good news is that most of the problems or errors that occur in the IDM software are easy to solve.

One of the problems that we can find in our IDM software or Internet Download Manager is the problem when IDM test reset does not work. However, there is no need for alarm. When this happens there are some solutions that we can try to repair this software.

Below you can find some of the solutions that we can perform to try to repair the IDM test restart.

Solutions to fix IDM test restart or Internet Download Manager.

To fix IDM test restart, there are several solutions that range from the very simple that we can perform in a couple of minutes or even the more complicated that we will have to perform many steps and change some things or install a program on our computer. Therefore, it will be up to you to try these solutions until you find the one that fixes your problem.

Fix 1. The first solution we have to Fix IDM trial Reset not working is the one we use the most with most programs that stop working. We will uninstall our browser software and install it again. Then we can see if the damaged file is replaced and repaired. This is one of the simplest solutions and hopefully it will work on the problem.

Fix 2. The second solution that we have available to this problem is somewhat more annoying and complicated. In this solution, we will first uninstall our browser. Once that is done we must reinstall the browser. Then we will install the IDM software again and see if it worked.

Important: after uninstalling the browser with a cleaning program that you have on your computers such as CCleaner or Advanced System care, you must perform a cleaning that removes any registry or file that is left from your browser. You can also go to the folder where you installed the browser and remove it manually. After you do this you can install it again and do the rest of the process.

Fix 3. What if to Fix IDM trial Reset is still not working? It means that the problem is probably not in your browser or in the IDM program but in some other program. This program is interfering with the functions of the IDM software, therefore in This third solution what you will need to do is:

Go to any antivirus that you have active and disable it. It is possible that the antivirus is interrupting the processes necessary for IDM to work correctly. In addition, you will need to go to the firewall that you have active on your computers, such as Windows Defender or the default Windows firewall. These could also be the cause of the problem. Since IDM is an external program, it is possible that these system protection programs identify it as a threat and block its processes and functions so that it cannot affect the system.

Fix 4. If all the previous solutions did not work, the only solution that remains is to restore your computer. Choose a date before the one you installed the IDM software. After it is restored, reinstall it, and it should fix the problem. Although this is the most extreme and complicated solution to use since it forces you to restore your computer. So, before doing so you should make a backup copy of all your files just in case.

These 4 solutions are the most used by users who have had this error. Therefore, it should work at least in most cases. Do not hesitate to try them since they will not damage your computer at all.

Note: Although these solutions are explained to fix the IDM test reset is not a working problem, actually these same solutions are used to solve most of the other problems that can occur in the IDM program. So, try these solutions and be able to fix your problem.

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