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Currently, one of the most avant-garde companies in the area of ​​sale, maintenance, and consulting of telecommunications equipment, is the multinational company `Cisco Systems´ which, for those who do not know it, was the first company to create a router, so which tops the list of the best companies in that area with amazing gadgets that depend on Cisco Privilege Levels List.

As a curious fact, the Cisco company formed by Leonard Bosack and Sandra Lerner was named with the name Cisco, due to the city of San Francisco, since from the workplace where the founders of this company worked, there was a sign, with the words San Francisco, but from the window where they saw it, there was a tree that divided the word San Francisco in San Fran Cisco, from there came the name of this revolutionary multinational company.

Among the current telecommunications companies, the only one that can be in front of the Cisco System is the Huawei company that until now has remained the greatest competition of Cisco, replacing the now plummeting Juniper Networks company, which was the previous one stronger competition from Cisco.

From the date of the first launch of the first Cisco router, until now, the company Cisco System has launched several new models of router devices, which have been increasingly revolutionizing this industry. With each update, their routers obtain greater capacity, functions, and optimization that allows their users to have an easy and simple way to be able to use it correctly, any of their routers, and thus they can avoid causing any problem or bad configuration when you start using your new Cisco router device.

Their dedication to the realization of their devices has allowed them to be one of the telecommunications companies with the best income since they have been able to obtain at least an amount of 47.1 billion US dollars annually. And his company’s assets have reached a staggering $104,900,000,000 which is a figure that few telecommunications industries in the same area of ​​expertise as them have been able to reach. And due to the current popularity of routers and their large amount of use, which over time will only increase, even more, it is estimated that this company, like Huawei’s company, will have a significant increase in its assets in a few years more.

As the company that created the first router, the router devices of this company have an excellent configuration, which until now has kept them at the forefront of this industry, among the various configurations and options available to the routers created by Cisco, one of the most important and necessary for its users is the option and configuration of Cisco Privilege Levels List.

For those who do not know, the privilege levels are those that allow us to have access to certain functions and commands, depending on how high the privilege level you have in your router is, normally each router has 16 privilege levels, and each of the higher levels will have all the privileges of the levels below it. For example, if you have the privilege level of 10, this will grant you access to all the commands from levels 1 to 10.

Cisco privilege levels list is normally divided into 3 levels, which we will see below.

Cisco Password Types
Cisco Password Types

The 3 different Cisco Privilege Levels List

Among the 3 levels of privileges that we will have in Cisco routers, each one of them gives us different options and functions that we can use in our router and will allow us to alter their configurations in a freer way and without any intervention, the first one that we will find will be privilege level 0.

1. Privilege level 0: This privilege level, as its name indicates, does not allow us to use too many options or commands from the router, the only ones that we can use will be; disable, permit, and the 3 commands `exit, help, and logout. So we won’t be able to do much with a privilege level at this level.

2. Privilege level 1: This level, unlike privilege level 0, gives us access to many more options that we can use in our router, either to use or configure a special function. Since the level of privilege 1 gives us access to all the commands that appear in the `user level´ in the` router prompt´.

3. Privilege level 15: This privilege level is the highest that we can use in the Cisco router, if we have this level of privilege we can use basically every option and command that we need in our router without any limitation, so Although it is a very good and useful level of privilege, it could also be somewhat dangerous since if we do not know well what we are doing and alter some important configuration that affects the operation of our router, we will have to go through some problems to repair them. Therefore, it is best not to use this level of privilege much unless it is absolutely necessary.

If we want to alter a little the commands that each privilege level can use, we can change them simply by using this command `privilege exec level priv-lvl command´ on your router, and you can add or remove the permissions you want to the different levels of privileges mentioned above You could also create new levels of privileges and password, but this is a bit more complicated, and it would only be recommended if you have advanced knowledge of the subject, because some error could end up damaging the entire privilege system of the router.

However, the best thing is that you do not intervene much with the default settings that your Cisco router brings, since these devices are usually extremely delicate in some aspects, and damaging the router that is so necessary for us would not be something pleasant, besides that these devices Although they are usually easy to damage, they are also usually difficult to repair and taking it to a technician to repair it could be a bit expensive and nobody wants extra expenses, right?.

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