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Before we start talking about Cisco password types, the main topic of the article, let’s first make it clear what is Cisco? And, what they do? The company `Cisco system´ is one of the largest companies today, in the area of ​​maintenance, sale, and consulting of different telecommunications devices. How much of the equipment is most used by most people today. And the most popular equipment in its catalog is the router that every person, company, or business needs today since it is the device that helps us create a Wi-Fi zone and user and website owners also need access to connect to the network that it provides.

In the area of ​​router devices Cisco system, it is at the forefront fighting for first place. It battles the company Huawei, which is its biggest competitor today. Although as a curious fact, you should know that the multinational company Cisco System created the first router on the market. So, it has certainly left its mark in the world of telecommunications. Its creation is vital for our modern world.

Since they offered the public their first Cisco router, until now, the Cisco System company has been updating its catalog of router devices. Cisco launched several new models of routers on the market, and they continue to revolutionize this industry. With each new launch, their routers have greater capacity, functions, and optimization that gives their users an easy and simple way to use them in the correct way. Regardless of the router model, you can avoid causing problems or misconfiguration when you start using your new Cisco router device.

The multinational company Cisco System is currently one of the companies in the telecommunications area with the best annual income. They have been able to obtain at least an amount of 47.100 million US dollars. And company’s assets have reached a staggering $104,900,000,000.

This is an amount that few telecommunications industries in the same area of ​​expertise have been able to achieve. Due to the popularity and usefulness that routers currently have and their enormous demand in the market. It is estimated that this company, like Huawei, will have a significant increase on your assets for years to come.

Let’s now go to the main topic of our article which is what are the different types of Cisco passwords? Cisco routers have one of the best configurations and security of the routers currently available on the market. It is wise for users who have their Cisco router for Cisco password types, however, this can also present us with a small problem. This is especially true for those without knowledge about the use and configurations of this type of device. Since we do not know what password to put or what differences there are between these types of passwords.

That is why here we will explain the different types of passwords that Cisco has available to us.

Different types of Cisco passwords

Until now, Cisco System has placed 6 different types of passwords with different functions at our entire disposal on its routers. So, pay attention to the content so that you know which one is right for you.

1. Type 0 password: This password is the simplest and easiest to use of all the 6 types of passwords that we will see today. This password is not encrypted and is even fully visible. Example: enable password: Cisco 123 (The password will also appear, fully visible).

2. Type 4 password: This password is more secure than the previous one since it will be encrypted, that is, it will not be visible. Example: enable secret 4: dr2rwsyudath4asda61dadk

3. Type 5 password: This password will also be encrypted and will not be visible when the router stores it in Run / Start files using MD5. Example: If your password is `Cisco543´ it will appear as` 84391f8sdsads8244212´.

4. Type 7 password: Like Type 4 and 5 this password will also be encrypted. When the router stores it in Run / Start files using the Vigenere encryption system, any website with a type 7 inverters will be able to decrypt in a pair of minutes. For example: if your password is `Cisco543´ once encrypted, it will come out as encryption.

5. Type 8 password: This type of password will be encrypted when the router stores it in Run / Start files using the encryption `PBKDF2-SHA-256´. This type of password became available from the IOS version 15.3.


R1 (config) #enable algorithm-type sha256 secret cisco

R1 (config) #do sh run | i enable

Enable secret 8 (This is how it will appear) $ 8 $ mTj41dsasdt523gZDOk $ elY / asfm8kD3iDmkBe3hD2r4xcA / 0oWSOdasdfs8211das.

6. Type 9 password: Finally, the last type of password that we will have at our disposal. The Type 9 password is an encrypted password using the encryption method `script as the hashing algorithm´. This password is available from IOS version 15.3.


R1 (config) # username demo9 algorithm-type scrypt secret cisco

R1 # show running-config | inc username

Username sume9 secret 9 (This is how your password will appear) 9 $ sdagmQVczborq7dqsO $ X.HsgL6x1iyttwukOSSvyQYwucySCt7qkghyev7p

Note: It is advisable to use passwords from type 0 to 7 since passwords type 8 and 9 could be somewhat annoying due to their type of encryption. For a router for domestic use router, those first types of passwords will be more than enough to keep safe from any intruder who wants to enter your Wi-Fi network.

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