Charge for a blog post in the UK

Blogging is one of the essential techniques for freelance copywriters on the internet to generate income through notes and posts on all kinds of topics. It comes with advantages learning WordPress, and how to create a blog. Developers in India, changer lesser than UK. Hence most people venturing into freelancing are interested to know cost and charge for a blog post in the UK. Even so, the application of this great breadth of freelancers generates one of the biggest doubts in new entrants to the correct money they should charge for their work.

Before being extremely excessive or falling into low rates, you will need to recognize the type of writing you do on each project to determine the value and how much to charge for a blog post in the UK.

Pay attention to the guidelines, continue to write, create, and get the rewards you deserve.

What is a Freelancer?

The term “Freelancer” has become one of the most popular in recent years due to the huge number of people who attribute to their actions around the world, its main definition being a freelancer.

Such freelance authors have the possibility to perform their work from home through the internet in a free way, where they execute jobs and projects without labor contracts.

In the era of digitalization, freelancers have become one of the major attractions for modern professionals in all areas. And the term applies to all kinds of functions, being web copywriting, graphic design, programming or social media some of the main streams.

charge for a blog post in the UK

Profits: how much to charge for a blog post in the UK?

Internet posts are essential to form the content on the web, so having interesting, well-structured, positioned and beneficial material is a necessity for the vast majority of online sites.

That is why the work of freelancers in this area takes on a greater sense of importance, and of economic value as well.

Discover all the factors that influence the reward for your next projects with posts, blogs and notes for the web.

charge for a blog post in the UK
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Time and length

The main factor for assigning value to a web writing focuses on the length of the words that are required for the work or each entry and the time of creation.

In this way it will be possible to create an average of the labor requirement and length that must be applied by the author in his work, so we can create an average of what is fair to receive from the contractor.

Although each user can adjust or receive different offers of greater or lesser amount under agreement, we can consult different platforms that create reference tables for this purpose.

According to hiring platforms in European countries, the median wage would reach up to €127.64 per day or €15.95 per hour, while the minimum wage would be €63.02 per day or €7.87 per hour.

Each of these factors will be determined according to the work delivered and the specialization that is applied to them.

Being a freelance copywriter does not require specialized positions or studies, so the preparation applied to them generates the final difference in the payment.


Inbound copywriting differs according to the audience to which the information is directed, so project assignors vary their measurement factors according to the location.

This factor influences the type of writing, value assigned, currency of payment or style for your content, so you should know the measures of work in each country should be known initially.

For example, economic factors in the UK may find variations to jobs in the United States, but remain with the main features intact.


One of the main factors for choosing a new freelancer on free freelancer recruitment websites is based on reputation and experience of the work.

Generally this parameter is determined by stars or scores that are assigned by their recruiters after the work is completed.

This makes it possible to determine the effectiveness of the user and offers greater guarantees when choosing from the great mass of available workers.

Of course, the higher the reputation of the writer aspires to charge more, since it is a guarantee of increased professionalism and success with the post, blog or article to be created.

In the UK, experienced freelancers manage to collect 6,475 pounds per year, where they will not have to pay anything. On the other hand, if you receive between 6,475 and 9,500 pounds a year you would be considered as Class 2 and then you would have to pay 3.05 pounds a week. That’s where the £12 a month comes from, which keeps many self-employed people in the country.

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