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Different Types of Malware

Different Types of Malware You Must Know

So you have been hearing malware from the time you became a computer user and now you wonder exactly how many Different Types of Malware are really out there?...
Internet Download Manager

How to Add IDM extension to Opera browser

Here's How to Add IDM extension to Opera browser and integrate IDM into opera browser. Its been noticed that by default Internet download manager integrates automatically into some...
Open Source Browser

Top 10 Best Open Source Browsers

Today the most common method of accessing the internet in the world is through a web browser. We all know about the best mainstream web browser, comprises of google...
Sources Of Malware

What Are Common Sources Of Malware Infections?

Malware is a very popular term mostly used in the technology world, . Having a computer virus is something one might not easily avoid. But instead of asking what's...
Install Winzip

[Download] WinZip and Install

Been a Windows user, you probably understand that you need to perform a Winzip Install which is a tool for creating and extracting archived files. This can be to...
Windows Toolkit Version 2.6.9 Download For Windows & Office

Best Windows Malicious Software Removal Tools

The Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool helps remove malicious software from your computers that are running on Windows 10, Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2016,Windows 8, Windows Server...
How To Make A linux Iso To USB Drive

How To Make A linux Iso To USB Drive

Bootable USB drives have become the most commonly used method of installing computer software and for making Linux Iso To USB. USB drives have become more popular and cheaper...
The Difference Between Rufus vs Poweriso

The Difference Between Rufus & PowerIso

Rufus vs Poweriso, which software should use in case an operating system encounter problems and you reach to a point of changing it? After reading this post about...
Internet Download Manager

How to Use and Install “IDM” (Internet Download Manager)

How to Use Internet Download Manager IDM, Installation process and downloading videos. Internet Download Manager is a powerful (IDM) software and browser extension. It has a minimum download speed...
Computer Antivirus Software of 2019

Top 10 Best Computer Antivirus software of 2019

What's an Antivirus, How Antivirus Works? Computer Antivirus software scans and helps remove suspicious malware files that enter a computer, some files hide on your computer before you notice,...
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