Benefits Of Learning WordPress

This journey commenced 8 Years ago, the first time I become familiar with this concept called wordpress. Didn’t see the benefits of learning wordpress then. But Over the years, heard of people that made websites through this platform and bloggers that managed scaling sites from scratch. Then someone told me it wasn’t hard, but easy to learn it. After this time came, when I authentically unveiled this mystery called wordpress, was the most popular platform that runs websites, blogs and online software.

My desire had reached its climax and was certain I definitely had to learn wordpress, when I discovered Facebook, actually got powered and originally had been written in PHP.Same programming language that powers wordpress.

What Is WordPress?

WordPress is the world popular content management system, officially written in PHP and can be close linked with software database systems, such as MariaDB AND MYSQL. It powers over 60% of the worlds websites and blogs today around the world. WordPress can also be utilized on building web apps and software that runs on the web, including social networks and chatting platforms. This was enough when I was just starting out. It gave me a reason why should i learn wordpress from just the above description.

WordPress.Org Vs Which one Must you use?

Just like any newbie, my desire to learn more about this platform kept on increasing. Before I knew it, with time I began learning the syntax, language PHP, object oriented programming and concepts such as loops, etc. In doing research it was very clear, programming and blogging weren’t that different.

“First you must grasp the syntax, concepts and create a plan of what you what to achieve”.

From been just a blogger, within few years I learnt HTML, CSS, PHP and began developing wordpress websites and programs running on the server. Some of the benefits of learning wordpress, got covered when creating this blog. But that been another article. I have decided to share advantages of learning wordpress for developers and bloggers. Hence you can learn from here as well.

6 Benefits Of Learning WordPress As a Blogger

Reasons Your Website Might Not Be showing Up on Google
Reasons Your Website Might Not Be showing Up on Google

Why Should I Learn WordPress? Here are experts answers:

#1: WordPress is easy to use

Most bloggers and those that want to join the wordpress family always ask, “is wordpress easy to use?”, and “Why should i learn wordpress?”. To answer experts on wordpress, have explained and analyzed, in comparison with other content management systems available today.

Most of the available reviews make wordpress winner for been the easiest to use and beginner friendly compared to other platforms. Of-course you can go for other platforms like, Blogger among others. But been just beginner, and wanting to have your business or idea online, then WordPress is definite the best way to go.

#2: Enough Plugins

There is just enough plugins to extend the functionality of your website. What one can do is limitless, as compared to other platforms. From security to making that first blog stand out, wordpress has everything. Therefore as a blogger its good for anyone especially complete beginners. Enough developers making WordPress plugins, keep updating from time to time. What you get are the free best plugins than any other platform.

#3: Community Support

Among these benefits of learning WordPress this year, includes people available just to help you with support and information. It has a wider audience and developers. Anything has an answer which be quickly solved just by submitting a thread on the Q&A section. I have been working with wordpress almost all my entire life and I have never had a problem finding solutions to problems.

#4: Security

For any blogger and website owner, your first priority should be having a platform that’s secured. Due to regularly updates, even though some people criticize wordpress on the security aspect due to running on PHP. In my honest experience just after implementing secure techniques to harden my website. I have never had any problem. Install enough plugins to make the website fast and secure on the get go.

#5: Good for SEO

Benefits of learning WordPress is that you will not have to struggle before your website can begin to rank. Just a few twinkling and adjustments is okay to get those few visitors on that website. SEO stands for “search engines optimization”. Any blog that shows on Google top searches online, gets more traffic, which then leads to conversion and making money through advertisements and guest blogging. Thus search engine optimization is important. Its the newest way and methods online marketers and website owners, even web masters masters use techniques that enable them to output content on search engines.

It involves on-page SEO, off-page SEO and back linking strategies that help to boost ranking on search engines. The main purpose of search engine optimization, ensures blog posts can be easily accessed, boosts website domain authority and page rank, also to dominate search ranking on google through white hat linking.

#6: Easy Learning Curve

Its the most important aspect, in case you have been asking why should i learn wordpress, from friends and family. Most people aren’t so familiar with technical aspect of websites but for even newbies and beginners. WordPress has a very simple learning curve, from installation of plugins, website customization and more especially you just import an already made theme or template. Automatic updates,therefore no need to log in your website each time to make an update. Enough premium templates come with step-by-step guides, installation manuals and premium support.

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