15 Places to host a WordPress website for free

Hosts are an essential step to achieving the best positioning on the Internet, so choosing the right option for your website is the main cause of its success that you should know. Having an online business site or your own website is the best way to make money through your business blog, known as online marketing. Although for new ventures need free web hosting and domain for WordPress to really help out, especially if you do not have money. Today the initial investment sources are not usually of great magnitude hence why most people search for the best free web hosting and domain for WordPress.

That is why to start with your first Host, usually resort to finding the best deals on the market, low prices, or even use Host a WordPress website for free.

Even so, you should know the advantages and disadvantages of using these formats, the most recommended or the differences between each one.

Advantages and Disadvantages of WordPress website for free 

The number of free host applications and formats have different advantages and disadvantages in their use, so you should know the results of your choice.

Each of these free web hosting and domain for WordPress results is adapted according to the characteristics of each of the options available on the Internet. Discover the best one for your business or project to build a WordPress website for free like a professional.


Use a Host at no cost, which saves costs and allows you to start quickly on projects without a budget.

It is ideal for testing, practicing, or creating drafts of new websites.

First steps of a host to later create a professional website.


Completely free servers have little time on the servers or some instability in their service.

It has limitations due to the enormous bandwidth it gathers. This can cause crashes if there is a large flow of users on the page.

Most of them do not have technical service, support, or help for hosting service attention.

They suffer slow loading problems to entering and loading images or sections on the web.

The hosting services do not include the domain as the paid platforms usually do.

15 places to host your WordPress website for free

Here are the best free web hosting and domain for WordPress

1. WordPress.com

free web hosting and domain for WordPress
free web hosting and domain for WordPress

At the top of the list is WordPress, the leading platform for creating professional websites easily and for all types of users. Discover the extensive range of plugins and tools for creating presentations, layouts, and web-ready websites.

For many years it has become the best format to start your business because of its capacity and great variety, so it is the first step in the right direction.

2. AccuWeb Hosting

AccuWeb Hosting options postulate it as one of the hosting services to consider to start a web project in a simple way with a large number of plans and services offered.

In it, you can create a large series of applications with just one click, be adapted to WordPress, and link to external formats that are required for your website.

3. FreeHosting

One of the most recognized web hosting services on the Internet for its comprehensive system and creation opportunities for users around the world that have forged for over 20 years.

Among its options, it has free hosting plans for initial creations, although for the complete package it has premium service at reasonable prices.

4. Hostinger

Hostinger is a free service for host of a Spanish company with great ease of use panel and control of the service.

It features a webmail service, as well as 2GB of SSD disk storage and up to 100GB in monthly transfer.

In technical aspects, the service has interesting features for the creation of web pages such as a couple of MySQL 5.1 databases and PHP 5.6 style technology.

5. 000WebHost

000WebHost hosting is one of the free options to consider for hosting your project, being a platform with more than 16 million websites in operation.

With its headquarters in Cyprus, the company has one of the most complete services to justify your startups at no cost.

6.  Awardspace

Awardspace is one of the most experienced hosting services that include technical support in the market after its appearance in 2003. Within its operation is the storage of 1GB and monthly traffic that reaches 5GB.

In their applications, it will be possible to work with the WordPress format for free and create a unique page in their system. To create another website you must purchase the premium package.

7. UhostFull

UhostFull enters the hosting options to consider for its interesting and complete proposal in the current year to host websites worldwide, where its service has unlimited space and high bandwidth.

8. UltraWebHosting

UltraWebHosting is one of the most used hosting in the world for more than 18 years. Have a singular and integral service to create a website with huge traffic (10 GB) and domain support.

This platform includes an account connected to e-mail as an advantage when choosing the best host in the market.

9. SW Hosting

SW Hosting’s format makes it one of the most relevant smart web hosting platforms in the market within the free actions.

Its free plan has options for one domain, one email, one 1G available on disk, and has a limited amount of traffic.

For larger extensions, two additional smart packages can be purchased with moderate and adjustable prices according to the project requirements.

10.  Freehostia

Freehostia is a good option for small projects or practices with web pages that do not require too much space since it only has storage of 250MB. Even so, its monthly traffic reaches up to 6GB.

Each of the requirements for more capacity will be kept under an extra cost, so it remains ideal for small jobs that can be used with three email accounts.

11. X10Hosting

The X10Hosting system brings together a free hosting service for WordPress, where you can install the web application and many tools for its use.

This way you can complete the best proposal to design and add elements to your website while participating with more than 700,000 users worldwide.

12.  5GBFree

A free host provider with a large capacity of 5GB of space and 20GB of data transfer per month, which is beneficial to post pages without problems of falls in the service. 

You can also add WordPress without any problem, although it only limits the number of databases to 3, so it will be the maximum number of websites that can be hosted on it.

13. RunHosting

RunHosting is a German service that finds a great breadth on the Internet reaching up to more than 500,000 web pages. As a free service, it offers 1GB of storage and a monthly transfer of 5GB.

14.  Batcave

Batcave technical hosting offers a free service that allows the owner web storage of 1GB, although the monthly transfer will not reach 5GB as is customary in other offers.

Even so, the user can connect a domain and up to three subdomains if required within the free options that are limited by the site.

15.  LucusHost

free web hosting and domain for WordPress
free web hosting and domain for WordPress

LucusHost is a more recent hosting format in the market, although it has a wide trajectory on the part of its developers, who completed an interesting and integral free offer.

Its options include large storage of 10 GB, unlimited monthly transfer, and technical support available 24 hours a day. Among the greatest benefits of free web hosting for WordPress, its system is the appropriation of domains similar to the creation account, which is an advantage over other platforms at no cost.

However, this option is valid for a limited time of three months, where you will be able to enjoy all its services. Once finished, you will have to choose the plan you want to continue enjoying the host.

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