10 Ways WordPress themes can be hacked

WordPress is one of the most important platforms for the creation and management of content on the Internet with open source, so it also becomes one of the focuses for virtual crooks to hack because over 1 million Blogs are built using wordress. This malicious action finds its greatest point of damage in sites. But you can try to keep your website safe by restricting wordpress access because WordPress themes can be hacked. Restricting access to your website will harden your wordpress website. Good for the web to achieve generates minimal damage and prevents harm to websites, the user, or anyone with intent to take advantage of online cracks and vulnerabilities.

So for you who want to start your own site and fear falling into one of these loopholes, know the points you should take care to protect your project with the 10 Ways WordPress themes can be hacked.

Why do people hack WordPress?

WordPress is the most popular content management platform in the world, so the more users and websites it has, the more attractive it is for hackers to hit.

According to a survey, WordPress represents the control of more than 30% of platforms circulating on the Internet, we are talking about hundreds of thousands of websites. Given the popularity of the site, it is attractive for hackers to circumvent the basic security of this site and get huge results.

10 Ways WordPress themes can be hacked

In the following list, we will share 10 of the most common reasons known by hackers to attack this type of platform on the Internet, in order to be one step ahead and defend your information from the beginning.

So write down all the points you need and do not let your WordPress themes can be hacked with these tips:

1. Weak passwords

The most known and repeated point in all levels of security is weak passwords. It seems like a simple thing but the reality is that the passwords of a large number of users make the job easy for these people.

By this we mean repetitive security codes, predictable or short sequences, so they end up being mostly unprotected sites.

Examples such as “12345” or birthday dates are still repeated around the world in a predictable and easy-to-hit way by hackers who resort to digital software to find the right answer and, given the low security of these codes.

2. Insecure server

You can be a victim through an insecure and unstable server that allows opening the doors of your website to these criminals, so the answer is always to have a company or professional service to cover this aspect of hosting.

Although some services offer guarantees against these acts, this is not always fully effective after these attacks to fully comply with the proposals for protection.

3. Defacement

Defacement is the term for one of the techniques most commonly used by hackers to leave a mark of their malicious work on a web page or website.

This technique is based on open internal software spaces that allow hackers to intentionally change information or deconfigure aspects of the website leaving a mark as “virtual graffiti” after their action.

That is why it is possible to find instead of the login of your website the name that identifies a hacker who has entered by an attack or problem in the programming of the server.

WordPress themes can be hacked
WordPress themes can be hacked

4. Spam

One of the most recurrent attacks by hackers on WordPress pages is the inclusion of invasive spam that affects the website that is the victim of the attack. This is caused by a problem in the code that includes intentional elements repeatedly.

This action occurs at all points of a website, from images on the screen, advertising, search engines, and even unwanted comments that generate a negative visual impact that is not desired by the administrator.

WordPress themes can be hacked
WordPress themes can be hacked

5. Malicious redirects

One of the recent hacker attacks is found in the redirection of malicious links that end up sending your web users to another space that is not desired, pages with viruses, or Internet distortions that generate losses on your site.

This attack is generated with the inclusion of new links that send users to phishing sites through the use of Malware. The solution for this must be done by cleaning your WordPress to not find further damage to your website.

6. Pishing Campaigns

If you know the terms of cyber hacking you will have heard about “Pishing”. It’s one of the common methods to deceive users and make them share passwords, data, information, or credit cards.

This deception technique is usually done through a fake corporate image that is made to look trustworthy through a message, email, or call.

How you can identify it:

  • Opens advertising windows or links to unwanted pages.
  • Captures users’ personal data.
  • Suggest downloads of infected files.
  • It can change your web page information or prevent access.
WordPress themes can be hacked
Phishing scam, hacker attack and web security vector concept. Illustration of phishing and fraud, online scam and steal

Unprotected admin panel

The wp-admin panel is the access to all WordPress platforms, so it is the entry point for hackers as well. Given this, it is required to further protect the door of your site on the Internet. Do not make it easy for virtual hackers to predict.

To keep out of reach for these users, one of the possibilities is to change the panel access to another word to make the login more personal and private for the admin only, while the hacker will find another barrier to overcome to enter your site.

Tip: WordPress members usually enter the word “admin” to their account username or password, which is even easier for these criminals. Remove that word from the login data and you will have more protection.

Nulled Themes

We have shared the principles of nulled themes in WordPress so you can learn about them on our website.

These elements are designs for creating your page on the platform for free that are found on the internet through hacked codes or with negative purposes for your website.

It is one of the usual options for new users to save some amount of money, although the damage is even greater, in the end, to generate adverse effects by not being authorized by the platform and not fully known.

Among the most known damages is being a victim of hacks by entering them to your website, so the member is exposed to losing their information, data changes, data theft, or unwanted spam.

Not updating WordPress

One of the most common losses in WordPress is due to an outdated software application, where you can lose plugins, tools, publications, or options for not being in the latest version shared by the platform.

Even so, these gaps between servers open the opportunity for deceptive hacks, so it is necessary to ensure the best version for the launch of the project created. You can opt for the automatic update offered by WordPress.

Incorrect file permissions

Incorrect files are another option for a hacker to access a WordPress page, file permissions being the rules that help the server control the access to the files on the page.

That’s why files that are incorrect can be changed to something dangerous for the actuality of the website and its folders, to which the solution lies in the specialized service to manage the software of your site on the Internet and thus prevent your WordPress themes can be hacked.

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