10 Reasons it is not safe to use nulled WordPress theme

WordPress has a wide variety of unique designs and styles for the style of each website that fits perfectly, although most of these options are paid for in their premium mode. Hence most peopleopt to use nulled WordPress themes, especially the cost of a blog in parts of the world can be expensive. One of the clients I created a Blog for was kind of impatient and asked if she must use nulled WordPress theme after explaining ways wordpress can be hacked. After this I realized it’s not just her alone, but that a lot of users opt to use free models available on the internet: nulled WordPress theme.

The search for the cheapest options is a natural action of buyers in all markets, where free seems the best option to save a certain amount of money. This is where those qualified as WordPress theme nulled appear, designs made by users for the platform scheme at no cost compared to the default ones of the application, although with some negative alterations.


Of course, being free, it has the officiality of the original WordPress themes but with problems in its code so its use generates a risk for the applied page.


For you to make the best decision and know all the options, we share with you the reasons that do not make these themes safe and what are the effects it can cause on your website.

use nulled WordPress theme
use nulled WordPress theme

What is a WordPress theme override?

A nulled theme or plugin is a premium element that has been hacked or has modifications in its code to cause damage to your website or collect information.

These samples are available on pages and sites external to WordPress, as they are not created by the original author of the platform.

Their presence on websites can be found under the use or not of licenses that allow their application, and, although it is considered a crime by some sources, it is considered a regular action by other users.

Undoubtedly, using a ringed WordPress theme is appealing to new users for not having a cost unlike the other options to design your page, but the consequences end up being even greater than the costs generated by the project initially.

And there is a lot of damage that can generate these faults in the codes you should know to stay away from their themes in the future.

10 Reasons it’s not safe to use nulled WordPress

1. Unknown code

When downloading any of these extra official elements, the security of the code is not a guarantee for its owners, since the origin of its elements is totally unknown when applying them to the web.

This is for themes, plugins, tools, or files browsing the internet that are not necessarily official and can generate malicious results just starting with bad intentions of unknown users.

By downloading a WordPress theme override you are exposed to a higher risk of data exposure, hacking or malicious viruses.

2. Domain Penalization

The use of these null themes in WordPress can create penalties for your website and the domain you manage, so you may encounter problems when trying to enter your site or generate access for users to enter.

3. No support

An overridden theme can offer you some features of the original and premium ones, but not all the benefits of users who pay for their WordPress elements. One of them: is technical support.

By paying for a product or service you gain direct access to contact with developers in charge to provide solutions or answers to the doubt, an action that with the null is not possible at any time.

4. Lack of automatic updates

One of the failures that can present your page in WordPress is due to not being updated software, a plugin, or tools, so the automatic update system is one of the usual solutions for many users.

But, for overridden themes, this option will not remain available as it is not an available application of the platform, which ends up affecting the website and its function indirectly.

5. Rewarding developers

Although it is an aspect that very few people think about when starting their website, each of the elements in the WordPress platform is paid because it is the method of income for the original developers and creators, so they deserve a profit for their work.

These elements mean net payment for many of these creators, although this remains a forgotten thing when choosing a plugin nulled on the web externally.

6. Spam problems

By using one of these malicious themes or plugins it is possible to suffer damage to the presentation of your website that can invade the visual space of users who visit your site, one of them: is spam.

These hacked codes open the doors for other free-form content that allows you to address advertising, names, or simply unwanted content within your WordPress scheme, which ends up generating negative material.

Each of these spams appears in different ways, either in the Internet search engine when trying to enter your site with strange names or inside your page with the appropriation of new spaces and texts.

7. Possibility of hacking

Although the codes of these topics are already hacked when they are published, the possibilities of suffering a greater hacking of the information or administration of the website are even greater, since the origin of the same one is not known with exactitude.

Now for this, you can resort to the support of the host or anti-hacker applications, but none of these can provide a solution to the damage that is generated by overridden themes or plugins.

8. Loss of information

As we said, having one of these malicious themes, the information, and elements that were entrusted in the creation of the page in WordPress can be completely lost, so that the invading code can alter all the elements that were expected to be seen on screen and off it.

One of the biggest fears on the part of these users after falling victim to these free internet elements is to end up losing all their work, reaching a point further behind than even when they started.

9. Less professionalism

The elements downloaded externally are altered in their great majority, so you can more than be made, even in the best of cases they can find visual details, ethical and professional unlike the elements created by the developers.

To generate a greater impact on your website, it is better to have the best tools on the market. You can find them all here.

10. Some illegal issues

We take the issue of the legality of these themes because although not all of them are, some of them have legal problems to leave the Internet to be considered as piracy or hacking directly.

While most of these anonymous creators do not file charges for it, the possibilities exist by not knowing the origin and purpose with which the null themes are exposed for these platforms.

In this way it is necessary to have a greater knowledge and responsibility of what is published on the Internet, so the preparation for a good WordPress site and knowing what to use is the right answer.

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